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Mark Wahlberg is gaining weight and this is why

Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith have uploaded photos to networks showing that they “let go” a bit, but the reactions of the fans are the best. 

When we think of Mark Wahlberg, we undoubtedly think of one of the most athletic men in Hollywood. Since the 90s, when he was known as Marky Mark, the actor left an example of what a fit guy had to look like, and since then he has been recognized for having a strong obsession with exercise, not for nothing being the most action star. great of the moment. And while we hoped this would hold up in the future, for the first time the actor seems to be ditching the weights, and has put on a little weight.

Mark Wahlberg and his 18 kilos

In his Instagram account, the actor uploaded a video where he is seen with a little more weight on top, even showing off a big belly, and pointed out that he had already gained more than 9 kilos and that he was going for another 9. However, in the video Wahlberg (who has several tips to get fit) shows up at a gym so it seems like he hasn’t stopped working out.

This weight gain is actually due to his role in Father Stu , based on Stuart Long, a boxer turned priest. In the film, directed by Rosalind Ross, Mel Gibson will appear as the protagonist’s father, while Mexican actress Teresa Ruiz will play his girlfriend . So Wahlberg is looking for a slightly not-so-fit figure, but it’s ideal as the man has a lot of training, which fits the main character. 

Will Smith Gains Weight Too… But He Will Lose

What has attracted attention is the reaction of the fans, who had a response similar to that generated by Will Smith also a few days ago after he published a photograph in which he also appears to gain weight. In his case, the actor was not working in a film or television production, but the simple fact of being in quarantine has made him have a few extra kilos. In his post, the man said, “I’m in the worst shape of my life,” which is true. Like Mark Wahlberg, Smith has always been known for his athletic figure and action hero image. 

In the responses, fans did not criticize the actor, but rather complimented him and pointed out that this is a reality that many live in, which is true. The pandemic has kept us away from gyms and many do not dare to exercise at home (in addition to the fact that the confinement sometimes demotivates) which has made them gain weight. On the other hand, some pointed out that this was normal for Dad’s body, and that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t in shape. 

The truth is that Smith is taking advantage of this to promote a new series on YouTube. The act wrote: “This is the body that carried me through the entire pandemic, and many days of exploring in the cupboard. I love my body, but I want to feel better. No more midnight muffins, so I’ll get in the best shape of my life. ” After that, he pointed out that he would join the video site to make a documentary that shows his way to regain his figure and have one even better than in the past, which sounds like an interesting challenge. This will allow us to see the routines that the actor will follow to lose those extra kilos. A release date for this production has not yet been announced. Other celebrities like Diplo and John Boyega They jokingly pointed out that the man will get back into shape in three days.

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