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Michael B. Jordan and 5 actors who could be the next Superman

Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman and the studio is looking for an African American actor, and we have candidates.

Historically, Superman has been depicted as a white character, but it really doesn’t have to be, the issue of race is not something that determines his abilities or his role as one of the greatest heroes in the world, and now DC wants to show that. with a very important change.

A few days ago it was revealed that, after Henry Cavill (who we can see in the second season of The Witcher ), the next actor to play Superman in the cinema will be African American, marking the first time that Clark Kent is represented with a different plot.

It is a decision with a great cultural impact (which is undoubtedly going to be criticized by many haters) and comes after Marvel took the first step and turned Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ) into the new Captain America, after revealing the character. from Isaiah Bradley the experiments that were performed on him and other soldiers before perfecting the super soldier’s body.

It’s not that Cavill’s time as the DC character is officially over, he’s just looking for his replacement for when he stops being Superman, and author and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is said to be writing the script for a new movie. Superman will feature a Black Superman, and JJ Abrams is producing with Bad Robot and WarnerMedia.

But who will be the new Superman?

It’s too early to tell and WarnerMedia hasn’t spoken about it, but there are some actors who could play a great role.

Michael B. Jordan

According to rumors, Jordan had already come up with the idea of ​​being Superman in 2019, and with movies like Black Panther, Creed, and Without Remorse, it ‘s clear that he’s a great option. Jordan has what it takes to be Clark Kent and Superman, and with Killmonger’s death in Black Panther, he has a clear path to jump into DC with a new hero.

Jordan said in the past that he hadn’t been contacted to be Superman, but that may be because the project hadn’t been announced, and it could change now that it’s confirmed.

Jonathan Majors

The Lovecraft Country actor is supposed to be the villain in the new Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania movie, but we all know that doesn’t mean he can’t do other characters afterward. There are not many actors who have made the jump from DC to Marvel (although Robrt Downey Jr just did it as producer of the Sweet Tooth series), but it is not impossible and Majors has already shown that he can do anything in movies like Day 5. Bloods.

Regé-Jean Page

The Bridgerton actor has already confirmed that he will not return to the hit Netflix series, so he has a free way to do new projects. Rumor has it that he could be the new James Bond, though that’s unconfirmed, and he will appear in Dungeons & Dragons and The Gray Man, but he could certainly make a new Superman after Cavill if time allows.

Jovan adepo

Some rumors suggest that the new Superman movie could be located around the time of the Civil Rights struggle, which makes us think of the actor we saw in the HBO adaptation of Watchmen , where he already played a kind of hero with two identities, Will Reeves and Hooded Justice.

Daniel Kaluuya

The Oscar winner is one of the actors of the moment and has been doing all kinds of projects, from Get Out to Judas and the Black Messiah, but he has not yet had the opportunity to be a superhero in the cinema and, although we do not know if is what he wants, Superman could be a great match, especially if the rumors that the film will touch on some issues of racism (which his films have in common) are true.

John boyega

We all know that Boyega’s character deserved better in Star Wars, in the end they took away the limelight and didn’t make him the hero they promised us, so he needs a moment to shine and a Superman movie could be his chance to show what can do (which we got to see in The Force Awakens before they changed our play).

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