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Netflix cancels one of its most-watched series (and no one understands why)

It was in the top 10 most watched series in 29 countries and accumulated nearly 100 million hours of reading … but that was not enough for Netflix.

Netflix subscribers have new reasons to be angry, as one of the most-watched series of the summer on the streaming platform has been canceled. These are things that happen at the entertainment giant but the decision was made after just one season and came as a surprise. As a rule, Netflix gives any project two or three chances and it is quite common for series to be renewed for a second part and then canceled if they have not had the expected success. 

But the platform decided this time it wasn’t worth it after just over two months. Strange when you know that the series was in the top 10 of the most watched shows in 29 countries and that it accumulated nearly 100 million hours of reading in just 3 weeks.

It’s about First Kill , the teenage vampire series that tells the story of Juliet, a young vampire girl who must kill for the first time to take her place in the family, and Calliope, the classmate of the high school who is chosen as a sacrifice, but happens to be a vampire hunter. As if the situation wasn’t difficult enough, the teenagers fall in love, which is not to the liking of the rival families.

As Deadline reports, despite being one of Netflix’s most-watched series, the company explains its decision by the fact that it did not spend a lot of time in the top 10 (3 weeks). and that it did not meet targets in terms of overall viewing and episodes completed. But what were those numbers really? This is the big question to which the creators of the series themselves do not know the answer. 

Producers from different series told Vulture that right now they have no way of knowing if their title worked or not because the platforms don’t share this data with them. If the show goes on that’s great, if it’s canceled they just have to believe what society tells them. 

Note, however, that even more successful projects than First Kill, like The Society, for example, ended after one season (which fans still don’t understand). It happens… While waiting for the next card, the streaming platform will have to face the fury of fans of this series, who are already showing their rejection of this decision on social networks.

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