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Netflix’s most disturbing psychological horror series

Ghosts, monsters and astral travel, these horror stories use psychology against you and play with your mind.

A marathon of psychological horror on Netflix may be just what you need to escape reality, stop thinking about your problems and let the best stories leave you hooked from the first moment and leave you with a scrambled head, at best. the senses.

The terror and psychology have always been great allies, the psychological element is used to generate even more fear, to make us think that in the dark corner of the room may have something terrible hidden and, although we know that all this is fiction and that ghosts do not exist, it is what makes us believe that everything is possible to enhance each sensation.

What is psychological terror ? Well, it is simple, it is not only about showing you the most terrible monsters, blood and scenarios that make your skin crawl, but about using the silences, the suggested, the possibilities and the imagination so that as spectators we play a more active role in the story And the best part is that the genre often includes an element of realism which is what makes us connect even more with the story.

Netflix has a lot of that, it has crime series, about murders, scientific experiments that go wrong, as well as ghost stories that test even the most skeptical and end up showing that fear, whether we like it or not, is irrational and uncontrollable.

The psychological horror series for a Netflix marathon :

Behind Her Eyes

Based on the novel of the same name (which is a bit different from the series), this British production revolves around three key characters, a secretary, a psychologist and a bored wife, whose lives come together after a chance meeting in a bar that leads the three of them to be part of a love triangle full of dark secrets.

Eve Hewson , gives life to Adele, a mysterious woman with a supernatural ability that makes her much more dangerous than she appears, and everything goes far beyond a simple failed romance.


No, it’s not about the Bong Joon-ho movie, but about one of the best anime series on Netflix. Parasite is based on the popular 1988 manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki and follows Shinichi Izumi, a 17-year-old teenager who lives with his parents in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo, who is invaded by “parasites” who come to Earth in order to of controlling humans, entering through the nose or ears to take control of their brains. Shinichi is invaded by one of these parasites, but it cannot reach his brain and ends up installed in one of his fingers, which ends up helping him fight against the rest of the invaders.

Good morning, Veronica

This series from Brazil presents a realistic horror story, following a detective named Verónica, who after witnessing a suicide, decides to start investigating those cases that are often ignored, which leads her to discover the case of an abused woman and of a possible brutal and violent serial killer who attacks women.

The Alienist

Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans and Daniel Bruhl (Zemo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) star in this series with touches of Jack The Ripper. The story follows an Alienist, a police assistant, and an illustrator who start working together upon discovering a serial killer of children who is targeting the most vulnerable, and the police don’t seem interested in solving it.

The Haunting of Hill House

Both Hill House and Bly Manor , the second part of the anthology, are based on great horror novels, and both combine ghost stories with fear and psychology to play with perception and maintain the mystery until the end. Hill House is the better of the two and follows 5 adult siblings who must return to the haunted house they grew up in to deal with the ghosts of their past and try to finally escape them.

Stranger things

One of the favorites. Stranger Things is a celebration of the 80s and it is going for a fourth season that is very promising. The story includes misfit children, a girl with telekinetic powers, secret government organizations, Russian agents, mysterious disappearances and dark and dangerous alternate realities, all in the classic style of the best horror films that marked the cinema a few decades ago.


This series from India is special for the skeptics. The story follows Refaat Ismail, a skeptical man who in the 1960s is involved in what appears to be a paranormal case connected to a traumatic incident from his past. The ending is not perfect, but the series is entertaining and little by little it shows how skepticism is more fragile than we think.


Dead that come back to life without remembering anything? This Australian series begins with 6 dead people mysteriously returning from the grave, leading a policeman and doctor to try to solve the mystery of their return and what led them there.

Black spot

This French series takes place in a small town in the mountains that is isolated from everything and has an area where telephones and radios do not seem to work. The story follows Lauréne Weiss, the chief of police who must deal with the arrival of a new eccentric prosecutor, as they investigate a series of strange crimes and inexplicable phenomena that seem to be connected to the forest surrounding the town, where Weiss had an experience traumatic when I was a teenager.

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