New Justice League SnyderCut preview

Justice League | Zack Snyder warms up for Snyder Cut trailer in new teaser

Preview shows Superman in black uniform, Steppe Wolf, Wonder Woman and more

Director Zack Snyder has released a new preview of the Justice League Snyder Cut . Warming up for the launch of the full trailer, the teaser shows Steppe Wolf, Superman ( Henry Cavill ) in black uniform, and more. See below:

The Justice League Snyder Cut was a claim by fans, who continued to ask for the original version of the feature after Snyder left the project. The director previously confirmed that the production will be a 4-hour film – not a miniseries – and that it will not have post-credit scenes.

The production will be launched at HBO Max on March 18. It is worth remembering that the streaming service belonging to Warner has not yet arrived in Brazil, but it has a release forecast for June, with no set date. Stay tuned to Omelete to find out more.

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