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Nomadland: the true story of the Oscar movie

Chloe Zhao’s film is already one of the most nominated and is expected to win multiple awards this season.

Nomadland , from director Chloe Zhao (who is currently working on Marvel’s Eternals ), is the big favorite to smash through all of this season’s award ceremonies.

The film stars Frances McDormand (whom all critics call heartwarming), who becomes a woman named Fern who must leave her home to live in a van and become a nomad after the economic crisis puts her out of work. .

Zhao’s film story , based on Jessica Bruder’s acclaimed novel , is a portrait of the failures in the system and the way she completely abandons the elderly at their most vulnerable, and while we prefer to flip the Seen or believe that this is just a fictional movie, the reality is that Nomadlan does not have a story invented by great screenwriters, it is based on the stories of people who have gone through a situation similar to that of the protagonist.

Is Nomadland a true story?

Fern does not exist and her love story with the character of David Strathairn is not real, but you have to remember that the movie is based on a 2017 novel called Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century , and this novel is not fiction .

The novel by Jessica Bruder, who also worked as a screenwriter on Nomadland , explores the nomadic life that hundreds of older adults have had to adopt when they no longer have other means to survive, living in trucks and cars out of necessity and sometimes traveling the length from the country looking for small jobs that they can do to get some money and food.

Linda May, Bob Wells, and Swankie are three real people who inspired Fern’s story in Nomadlan and they even have small roles in the film.

Linda May appears on Nomadland as herself and was the subject of an essay Jessica Bruder published in 2014 called The End of Retirement: When You Can’t Afford to Stop Working. In the essay May tells a story how she was going to take her own life on Thanksgiving Day and only stopped thinking about what that would do to her dogs, she also explains that she became a nomad in 2010 when her financial needs became too much large and no longer had the ability to afford a house.

May worked for Amazon’s ” CamperForce, ” which is made up entirely of people, mostly seniors, who live in RVs and pickup trucks. According to Decider, Amazon hires them for the holiday shopping season and gives them a place to park their campers so they can work and have a little security around the holidays.

According to Bruder’s essay , May , who was 60 at the time, earned $ 12.25 an hour and worked 10 hours a day scanning barcodes from 6 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., with two 15-minute breaks. minutes and a 30 minute meal break. Bruder says the work was intense and paid little, but almost all of the employees were grateful to have a chance to work.

For his part, Bob Wells is the founder of, wrote a book and has a YouTube channel that has inspired many people to try the nomadic lifestyle, he has also given himself the task of sharing advice for others. nomads can have security, avoid being detained by the police and find a good place to spend the night.

Swankie is another real person who plays herself in the movie, her story does not appear in the original essay, but she does have a blog ( where she shares her story and talks about her experience working on the Golden Globes nominated film .

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