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Oxygen: Netflix’s intense French thriller that will give you claustrophobia

The director of The Hills Have Eyes locked Mélanie Laurent in a box in space and the oxygen is running out.

After frightening us with The Hill Have Eyes, Mirror and Crawl, Alexandre Aja presents Oxygen , a new psychological thriller that is not for the claustrophobic.

They say that in space no one can hear you scream, and that’s especially true (we assume) if you are inside a capsule designed to keep space travelers asleep until you reach your destination (like pod in which Ripley Ellen of Sigurney Weaver wakes up in Alien ), but Oxygen’s problems don’t end there.

Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric and Marc Saez are the protagonists of the new French film that arrives on Netflix this year, and that, from what we see in the trailer, begins when a woman wakes up in a mysterious capsule without memories and without knowing how to get out Hence, something that would not be so serious if one of the elements of the box were not showing that his oxygen is running out quickly and that he needs to get out of there soon if he wants to survive.

In 2010, Ryan Reynolds gave us all an anxiety attack with the film Buried , in which he gave life to a man who awakens in what appears to be a coffin buried in the ground, with only a small lighter that gives him a bit of fire. light and without knowing if that will be his last day in the world. Oxygen is a similar story, but with the plus that it takes place thousands of kilometers from Earth and the way out is (probably) right in front of the protagonist’s eyes.

Who is who is Oxygen?

We know that Mélanie Laurent from Inglourious Basterds, Mathieu Amalric from The Grand Budapest Hotel and Sound of Metal (which is up for the Oscar) , and Marc Saez from Borgia are featured in Alexandre Aja’s new thriller, but we have no idea what who they are, and that’s part of the game.

What is clear is that what we can see in the trailer is only a small part of a complex story and more terrifying than what they let us see, Aja himself said that this is about a maze and that in addition to the confinement there are some apocalyptic elements. 

In Oxygen, written by Christie LeBlac , Laurent wakes up in space not knowing how he got there, who he is or how he can get out, so we are going to discover the truth at the same time as her.

What is Oxygen about?

In simple terms, Oxygen is about a woman trapped in a box in space who is running out of air to breathe, but we’re sure that’s only part of what will happen in the story.

Earlier this year, Aja opened up about her new sci-fi thriller “with an existential twist” during an interview with Collider. Aja said he thought about the comparison to Buried and explained that when he read the script: “It made me think of the best of Buried , but with a twist of 28 days later. I was stuck until the end, I imagined waking up locked in this cryogenic unit , trying to figure out who put me there and why, he felt her despair. ” The director also explained that the story will take “a great post-apocalyptic and emotional departure”

Unlike the rest of Aja’s films, Oxygen is not extremely gory, it is more of a thriller that plays with your mind as you enter a “mysterious box built like a maze from which you have to escape.”

When it premieres?

Oxygen is coming to Netflix on May 12 of this year.

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