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Pam & Tommy: Everything you need to know about the biographical series

The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex scandal that rocked the 90s and laid the foundation for an entire industry is back.

A first look at the cast of Pam & Tommy was enough to take us back in time.

Since it was announced, the new Hulu series promised to be one of the biographical series that would cause the most impact in 2021, however, it was until we saw Lily James and Sebastian Stan characterized as the iconic couple that rocked the 90s, that he uproar reached a new level.

It is not for less, the pair of actors has left us paralyzed for having more than recreated the look and feel of the flesh and blood Pam & Tommy , those two who turned show business on its head for having starred in a sexual scandal in a A time when it was unrealistic to think of carrying a device capable of connecting you with the whole world immediately.

If all this has aroused your curiosity, you better keep reading all the details of this series that has now become one of the most anticipated of this year, can you handle all the expectations that you now have on you?

Who are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee?

Born on July 1, 1967, Pamela Anderson never had a hard time standing out from the crowd due to her radiant beauty.

In the late 80s, the stunning blonde had already signed her first contracts with brands that recruited her to advertise their products, a fact that quickly put her on the radar of Playboy magazine , which in 1989 decided to hire her to star on its first cover.

In 1990 Anderson was ready to consolidate her modeling career and moved to Los Angeles, where she would try her luck in the acting field. After multiple auditions, he landed a couple of appearances on Married … with Children and a small role on Home Improvement , two of the most successful series of those days when no one knew it was Netflix.

His rise to international fame would be in 1992 when he began playing the role of lifeguard CJ Parker on the television series Baywatch with David Hasselhoff. 

Pam was synonymous with fame, however, a lot of attention she received from the press was more due to the morbid her personal life caused. 

By then, the blonde was a sex symbol and one of the most popular women on the planet. And while it was practically a given that she could afford to cast any man, Pamela Anderson had a soft spot for bad guys, a fact that led her to meet Tommy Lee, drummer for the American glam metal band Mötley Crüe .

Five years her senior, Lee was as talented with his instrument as he was rambunctious. Getting into trouble was easy for him, as was seducing women.

After two divorces, Lee met Anderson at a nightclub and the spark was immediate. On February 19, 1995, after knowing each other for only 96 hours, the two decided to get married.

The sex scandal of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

The surprising link brought them the focus of attention around the world and a feast for the paparazzi who followed them everywhere in search of a photo of the couple.

In the heat of their love effervescence, Lee and Anderson decided to tattoo each other’s name to seal their eternal love. She got her husband’s name tattooed on her ring finger, he got hers tattooed on his penis. 

The eccentricities would continue until their wedding night when they recorded a home video having sex .

The video was later stolen in 1995 from his safe by a disgruntled former employee (in the book The Dirt , Lee claims it was a man named Rand Gauthier stole the tape), who also took several Polaroids with both of them naked, same that made it to the French and Dutch editions of Penthouse magazine .

For its part, the video was posted on the Internet, becoming an early example of viral pornography. Anderson sued the Internet Entertainment Group, the company that distributed the video. However, IEG offered a counteroffer and reached an agreement with the couple to make the tape available again to their page subscribers, resulting in triple the normal traffic.

A production that promises

Okay, if this couple still doesn’t ring a bell at this point in your reading, it’s because you were probably too young to know that this was a real event in those days when the internet felt too archaic.

What is a fact is that the series promises a lot. Not only because the production will have all the rights to the story after reaching a millionaire agreement with the couple for the exploitation of the story, but also because of the cast they have chosen.

On the one hand we have Lily James, who will play the sensual Pamela Anderson and has become one of our favorite actresses thanks to what she has done in movies like Baby Driver or Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! On the other we have Sebastian Stan, the actor who rose to fame for his character as Bucky Barnes in the Avengers saga and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series

Rounding out the cast is Seth Rogen, who will play the man who stole Pam & Tommy’s intimate video, and who is also one of the series’ producers, alongside Evan Goldberg.

Although the premiere date is unknown, it is a fact that we are already dying to see the new Hulu series .

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