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Paul Rudd: 5 Style Lessons For Men Over 40

Paul Rudd is well past the 50-year-old line and still looks like a 30-year-old man. It’s partly his enviable genes, but his clothing choices do a lot too.

How is it possible that Paul Rudd is 51 and looks 30? Seriously. People talk of Keanu Reeves as an eternal man who hasn’t aged in a long time, but the truth is that if there was an award for the most youthful-looking man considering his current age, Ant-Man would take first place. Of course, as is so often the case with so many Hollywood stars, their appeal and permanence is due to excellent genes, the care they can receive, and possibly even the lack of care that the most successful have. With that in hand, how not to look young? 

On the other hand, it should be noted that Rudd has a style that helps him continue to look young, without moving away from a masculine and effective bearing for any type of occasion, be it the red carpet, a presentation on a talk show or even his looks casual events that the paparazzi manage to capture. Based on those outfits, we decided to list a few lessons that he has left us and that are key for any post-40 man who wants to look young but without neglecting that masculine bearing. 

Don’t be afraid of the colors

During an appearance on the James Corden show, Rudd wore a perfect blue suit, but with a rather daring combination. The brown shoes are basic and ideal for the suit, but Rudd breaks with a green and pink in the tie and shirt, being a more summer combination but that fits ideally with the blue of the suit. These types of daring looks that go beyond the boring business man look say a bit about your personality and give a fresher look. 

Everything is in the cut

We know that here it is also about genetics (since some do not manage to maintain their post-40s hair), but those who do still have the hair, can opt for a cut a little “loose” or carefree. Perhaps fuller and more populated than a serious cut (or those that are currently in trend), Paul Rudd’s hair is one of his best attractions and although he does not focus on a particular style if he takes care that it is not so short. 

Fit is key, regardless of your age

Whether you are 19 or 51 years old, the fit of the suit is the most important thing when using it and it is what can achieve all the size we need. In our rules for wearing a suit, it is that it is well adjusted on the shoulders and legs, in addition to that it must not be too tight in the center or hang too far below the pants closure. Follow the basic rules when wearing a suit like Rudd or basically any other Hollywood star.

Casual look with coat

Paul Rudd at the premiere of Medea

We have already said that the coat is one of the essential pieces of the men’s wardrobe, and not only for winter, but for any casual night look. Last year we saw Rudd in this perfect coat with a rather subtle look with jeans . The cut above the knees favors her and although her choice of shoes could have been better, the coat keeps her gaze up. 

Attention to accessories

Paul Rudd and his outfit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The focus on detail is key in every man’s outfit, and if you want something not so serious, it can be even more valuable. In one of his looks for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ant-Man wore this tie with slight details, which take away all the seriousness of the blazer and white shirt set, while the striped pants are another subtle detail that also matches the tie . A rather special look that shows this carefree (but attentive) side. 

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