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Pinocchio looks amazing in his new version, and we tell you what it is about [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Roberto Benigni is back in the world of Pinocchio to redeem himself in this critically acclaimed remake. We have an exclusive clip to prepare you.

Although much of the live-action remakes that come today are from Disney, the new version of Pinocchio, the wooden boy, has a different story. This review of the classic story of the author Carlo Collodi is an Italian production by the acclaimed director Matteo Garrone, who conceived the idea of ​​this film since he was just a child passionate about the original story. The work is a love project that seeks to honor the author’s work, being faithful to all the Italian elements that influenced him and that made it one of the best-known stories for children around the world. 

Pinocchio: a “new” story

Pinocchio, released in 2019 in Italy, and with an upcoming release on March 11 in Mexico, is based on the book The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, but without taking the freedom that other versions did in the past, being much more faithful to the original story, with its childish as well as mature and dark tints. 

Roberto Benigni, an institution of Italian cinema, and who at the end of the 20th century played Pinocchio in a version directed by him – which was destroyed by critics – returns in this version taking (more logically) the role of Gepetto , creator of the protagonist, in an act that we can see as a redemption of his previous failure, offering a passionate interpretation that serves as the basis for loading the entire film. 

Garrone , best known for his adult-themed films, took up this project with love and strove to create an interesting and realistic world that would show a more honest view of Pinocchio , or at least as he believed Collodi envisioned it . The first trailer, which was released a long time ago, took a look at a rather interesting look that was surprising given the way Pinocchio looks . The surprising thing is that few elements in the film are made by computer and this look was achieved through prosthetics, which does not seem to give the young Federico Ielapi difficulty . 

Pinocchio Exclusive Clip 

Imagem Films , the distributor in charge of bringing Pinocchio to Mexico , shared an exclusive clip of the film with GQ Mexico , in which we can see in more detail the prostheses used by the protagonist and understand how the film feels. Garrone presents a world both realistic and magical at times based on the innocence of the character. In a few seconds we can see it with many children playing and experiencing things. 

As we mentioned, the film has been critically acclaimed, and currently averages an 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes , with some critics noting that the director does a good job of passing Collodi’s words to the film despite their rarity. and fanciful extravagance. Similarly, the film has received several awards in the countries where it was already released, winning several at the David di Donatello awards, which are awarded by the Italian film academy. 

Although we have not seen the film, it is undoubtedly interesting as it moves away from the current vision of Disney and the world of extreme fantasy, and is closer to a tribute to the classic work, which has been changed countless times in your way to the big screen. The most remembered version is the Disney animated one , but this one could be quite worth it for its Italian spirit and originality. 

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