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Regé-Jean Page has the most stylish blue Dior Men suit of spring

The actor who plays the Duke in the series The Bridgertons (Netflix) has more than just period costumes in his closet.

In spite of everything, 2020 gave us great flashbacks in terms of fashion. We are not only referring to the tracksuit, which we thought we had buried in the early 2000s, but to the frilly shirts, the wide lapels, the pastel-colored suits, or the iridescent jacquard. Wasn’t that what dukes and earls wore in the 19th century? Indeed, but at the same time, they are key trends in the latest collections by Dior Men, Alexander McQueen, or Dunhill. The resurgence of period films and series has also contributed to this phenomenon, which has also crept into the closet of contemporary man. Those horrified by this resurgence of Victorian fashion can blame Timothée Chalamet and his exquisite wardrobe in Little Women., the actor makes any style suit him. However, those who delight in historical dramas and period costumes are going to be delighted with Netflix’s latest production: The BridgertonsIn this series with a romantic plot, we meet the Duke of Hastings, an aristocrat dressed in the most elegant clothes and played by Regé-Jean Page, our latest discovery for our section Men with class. The actor has shown that not only does he have period suits in his closet, but he also has two pieces as elegant as this satin blue from Dior Men. And this is not all, because we have taken a tour of his Instagram profile ( @regejean) and we have found many other looks from which we can learn valuable style lessons. Here is our selection.

With a suit, but with a shirt

The actor collected the award from the film database, IMDb, the award for breakout actor (Breakout Starmeter Award) with a navy blue Dior Men suit. Page has opted for a satin version of the most elegant that combines perfectly with his blue patent leather shoes. To break with the formality of the style, he added a white T-shirt and a silver chain around his neck, as mandated by the manual for the stylish man in 2021.

The black suit, no tie

A smart and casual way to wear the black suit is to add an open shirt and leave a couple of buttons open. To subtract formality, do like Regé-Jean and add some leather Converse sneakers. And, of course, a watch on the wrist for style.

The one-color look

Black is also a totally legal color even on summer days. And if you have not yet joined this trend on hot days, try pulling a t-shirt and monocolor pants as the actor does: simple and effective. For a cool touch to the look, opt for mirrored sunglasses and a retro watch like a classic Casio.

He like a leather jacket and sweatshirt

One way to wear your leather jacket in winter and not get cold is to use the layering trick. Do as the actor and adds a sweatshirt under your sucks to keep you warm in style. The hood has to stand out on the outside and if your head is cold, you can also add a wool hat.

The double-breasted suit

As we have already seen throughout 2020, the suit with a double-breasted jacket has become the favorite of many celebrities to pose in photocall . In the case of Regé-Jean Page, we like how he combines it with a maroon tie and a purple handkerchief.

A casual style

For all those days when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in front of the closet but also not giving in to the tracksuit, you should have a basic sweatshirt on hand. The actor’s is Ralph Lauren’s signature navy blue, which he combines with black jeans and ankle boots in the same color.

Ready to do business

Just as important as having a good suit for important meetings is having the right accessories. Get yourself a tie with a simple motif, pull out your best mesh watch, and add a neat leather briefcase. First impressions are important.\

On vacation at the beach

If you are one of those who is already thinking about summer holidays in the middle of January, we warn you that getting a swimsuit like Regé-Jean’s is a sure hit. Opt for long-legged ones and solid colors, like this palatable electric blue.

Trendy garments

If you already have a well-built wardrobe, it’s time to incorporate some trendy garments to elevate your looks. A good example is the actor’s metal-tipped lace-up shoes, or the retro print shirt with a vest that we see him wearing in this photo, from a fashion editorial that has starred in the American edition of Esquire.

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