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RRR star Ram Charan wants to star in Marvel and Quentin Tarantino movies

Indian film is available on Netflix

Ram Charan, one of the stars of RRR (Uprising, Rebellion, Revolution), is eyeing Hollywood for his next projects. For THR, the Indian actor revealed that he is interested in working on big American franchises like Marvel and Mission Impossible.

“Marvel is the biggest franchise in the world, and I’m a huge fan of Tony Stark”; Charan told the site. “Young people follow these Marvel stories so closely and it’s a huge franchise in India. Mission: Impossible is also another huge franchise for me.”

Ram also said that a name in Hollywood cinema that he would love to work with would be Quentin Tarantino. “He’s my favorite, I love him. He’s quirky and out of the box, and I just love him. I’ve seen his movies since I was a kid.”

He’s not the only one, his casting partner NTR Jr. he also revealed his interest in participating in some MCU production.

With a budget of US$ 72 million, the film is one of the most expensive films ever made in India and became a box office and critical success for its insane action scenes. The plot takes place in pre-independence India, where a brave warrior on a dangerous mission meets a tough policeman serving in the British army.

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