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Russo Brothers: Hercules live action could be a franchise

Not content with having shaped Marvel, now they could do the same with the Disney film adaptation.

“Hercules”, the live action is in the hands of the Russo brothers, the duo who can be credited with having initiated the creation of filmi universes that are intertwined thanks to masterfully developed arguments. They did it with Marvel and now everything indicates that they want to replicate the formula with adaptations of the classic Disney animated films, a world to which they will jump as producers of “Hercules”, to which they see the possibility of following the same course.

The filmmakers have pointed out that the flesh-and-blood adaptation of the 1997 animated film has the potential to become not just a franchise but a new universe . The unveiling of such an ambitious vision has occurred during an interview that the brothers have granted and in which they reveal that their approach to the film is similar to the one they give to other projects: with the intention that it lasts in the future through a narrative that allows to expand.

“We are doing the same exercise with ‘Hercules’. Can we build it? Can we make a world that expands and is attractive? I think that’s what the audience is looking for, right? They want to see something cool in what they can miss for a decade and our mission is to bring that to them, “Joe Russo told the podcast,” Lights, camera, barstool. “

“Hercules”, the live action is just beginning to take shape, and although it was originally speculated that the Russo brothers (who also enlist Saigon Bodyguards) would direct it, they will only be on board as producers. The script, they noted, is near completion and is in charge of David Callahan, who along with Patty Jenkins wrote “Wonder Woman 1984. The film will join the wave of live action remakes of popular Disney films that have already been released. as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Mulan” and soon “The Little Mermaid”.

The reception of these versions has been mixed, since they have found detractors in their distancing from the original plots, while there are those who have just perceived these changes as one of the attractions of the adaptations.

But how is it that the Hercules universe could become a long-lived franchise? Collider has pointed out that the possibility is in Greek mythology, which is indeed vast and perfectly articulated. But also Anthony Russo himself told the medium what would be the way forward to make this Disney film a universe . “It is not attractive to us to do a literal translation. We have already done it with our Marvel tapes and you don’t do translations of the comics because if you want that story, you go and read it, “he said.” I think we will do something that keeps the original and is inspired by it, but we are also going to put new elements on the table”.

Many live-action are developed exclusively for Disney+ , the platform that verifies the potential of these versions, since a series that serves as a prequel to “Beauty and the Beast” will be released there in a few years.

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