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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Explain Why Logan Isn’t Dead (And More)

The duo we needed, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, explained the first details of Deadpool 3 and the return of Wolverine.

Nobody expected the announcement that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made recently: The legendary Australian actor who played Wolverine since 2000 would return for Deadpool 3. Although during Logan ‘s press tour he claimed that this would be his last appearance, the man has decided to return to welcome the Mercenary with a mouth to the Marvel Universe (this being also his first film for Disney). 

In fact, in Logan ( spoiler alert) Wolverine dies at the end after a clone of his attacks him and impales him on a tree. At that point, the mutant can no longer recover due to a disease within his system, and he is fired by his “daughter” created with his DNA Laura (Dafne Keen). With this in mind, many fans (including Logan director James Mangold himself) wondered how this “resurrection” came about. To answer the question, the protagonists of the new work have taken their time to explain it in a special video. 

In a video accompanying the announcement, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman point out that fans surely have many questions and that they, on their own, have others, starting with how is it that Wolverine is still alive in Deadpool 3. To this, they quickly respond that Logan takes place in 2029 so there’s a period of time where we don’t know what happened to him. After that, they pretend to explain more of the tape but nothing is heard under the WHAM! (one of Deadpool’s favorites) “Wake Me Up Before You Go”. 

Should we believe them? 

What they mention makes sense, but at the same time, it doesn’t. Logan suggests that years before there is a crisis that results in the near-extinction of mutants, and – considering Deadpool’s light tone – he may not address this.

The truth is that currently the MCU has presented the concept of the multiverse and different versions of characters, the journey between universes is also possible. Similarly, it has not been clear in which universe this tape will take place and if it will consider the first two (it is possible that this is the case since the possible participation of Zazie Beetz as Domino, who appeared in the previous tape, has been mentioned).

On the other hand, the union of Deadpool and Wolverine is not crazy at all, especially since the two have been part of the X-Force team (which was referenced in the previous Deadpool film ), and before Disney took the rights to Deadpool, there was expected to be an X-Force tape. If Josh Brolin joins the film as Cable (which is possible considering the contract he had when joining Deadpool 2 ), with Beetz we would have 4 team members. 

Similarly, Deadpool 3 would represent the first Disney movie with two mutant protagonists, which takes us one step further into a new version of X-Men

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