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Salma Hayek managed to hide her role in Marvel from Ryan Reynolds

It was not difficult. Another thing was trying to fool Samuel L. Jackson. It’s not every day that you get into Marvel movies and you go to work with Deadpool and Nick Fury and you have to hide from them that you are a hero like them.

Actress Salma Hayek was the first to play Black Widow in a television series … just not Marvel’s Black Widow, but 30 Rock’s Black Widow. It is a small big difference, hehe, but if you have seen the series you will agree with me that it is THE black widow of 21st-century television. Point. Even if it’s not Marvel. Salma Hayek, now yes, gives life to a Marvel character, none other than the leader of the Eternals, Ajak, in the movie Eternals. She is a sugar cane and sidereal matriarch of a group of super-powerful beings that has been swarming the Universe for more than 7,000 years. 

That they are years to lead a family with an iron hand and a silk glove. Telling anything about his character before you see the movie is ripping the story apart, so we came up with Hayek to ask him about how Marvel’s secrecy is handled and if it is difficult to keep the secret that, boom, of the night in the morning you are going to become a superhero devised by Jack Kirby. And we didn’t expect his response to involve Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, and Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Fury himself. Because of course, one thing is to keep the secret when you are with your family, another when you are with actors, and another when you are with actors who are part of the Marvel Universe (Deadpool has two newscasts left to enter the new Marvel multiverse). And, in addition, two actors who do not stop talking constantly. Hayek coincided with the actors in the filming of the other bodyguard 2 after the actress found out she was joining Marvel movies and before filming began. Which explains why he had to keep a secret and what explains why he was very curious to know what the hell happens in a Marvel movie. Now you will understand.

“The most difficult thing for me was keeping the secret when I was shooting with Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson. During the filming of the movies the two of them talked often about what it is like to work for Marvel and I was by their side and wanted to tell them that I was also forming. part, but I couldn’t tell them anything. It was quite difficult, “Hayek told us. ” Oh really? He told everything he heard. Like this all the time. And I asked them questions … a lot of questions. Until one day Sam comes and asks me: How much are they going to pay you? Yes, you know. That secret you’re keeping. Who do you play? How much are they going to pay you? And I said to him: what are you talking about? But he knew it. He discovered it by the attention he paid when they talked about Marvel. Have you never been offered a role? They said to me. And me: Nooo. I think I’m not a very good liar. Well, at least I was able to fool Ryan Reynolds. “

“You know how it is when you have children and they don’t feel that you’re cool. Do you know? They tell you, you don’t know anything, you’re already grown up. I remember I wanted to tell them: you know one thing, (putting his arms on hips), your mother is going to be a Marvel superhero … but she couldn’t. The first to get off the hook are the children. “

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