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Shadow and Bone: the ending explained and what we know about season 2

The Grishaverse came all-in on Netflix and there are a few things to understand about what happened in the end.

Shadow and Bone came to Netflix with a good dose of fantasy, magic, “dragons” and religious fanaticism,

Based on the novels by Leigh Bardugo, the story follows Alina , an orphan cartography who, after she is chosen for a dangerous mission in a mysterious land divided by a wall of shadow, discovers that she is a Grisha and that she has the power to Summon sunlight, which is exactly what the world needs to save itself from the creatures that live in the shade.

Grisha is a kind of magical being that can have a number of abilities, manipulate fire, change people’s appearance, summon air, create shadows, or, like Alina, control light. Alina is special because she is the only one of her kind and the world thought she was a myth, so that makes her especially valuable to many people.

The story of Shadow and Bone takes place in the kingdom of Ravka , which is the one that was divided into two parts by a wall of shadow created by an insane Grisha , but there are several cities that come into play, such as Ketterdam (which is a kind of Madripoor as in the Marvel series ) and the Shu territory , which does not appear much in the first season, but is much mentioned since Alian is part of Shu.

What happened at the end of the series?

Let’s go back a few chapters, after Alina is discovered, the army general Grisha, Kirigan (Ben Barnes) begins to pay attention to her and manipulate her little by little to make her believe that he loves her and that he wants to help her save the world, but we soon discover that this is not the case and that it is actually the ” Black Heretic “, the same crazy Grisha who created the shadow in the first place and who wants to use it to have even more power, in order to dominate the world.

Alina (whom they treat like a saint after she demonstrated her power) decides to escape when she finds out about all of this, leading her to fall into the hands of the group that was hired to kidnap her ( Brekker, Inej, and Jesper ). To cut a long story short, Alina manages to reunite with Mal, but Kirigan has not been defeated and the shadow seems to be growing, and there comes the point where she must make an even greater display of her power.

That leads her to meet the deer she has been dreaming of, who chooses to reveal himself as she does not want to kill him to amplify his power in the same way that Kirigan seeks to achieve it. Alina needs to amplify her power, the Ravens reunited with Nina and form an even more powerful team, and Zoya proves to be much more than a Grisha jealous of the attention Alina receives.

Season 1 ends more or less like the first book in Bardugo’s original trilogy , and that hints that a second season could be on the way, especially considering there were a lot of unanswered questions left.

What do we know about the second season?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed it yet, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time, especially since the series is already a hit on Netflix and the series has shown the events of one of 7 Grishaverse novels . The site What´s On Netflix says that the series has already been renewed, it only remains to give the announcement.

The original plan was to do three seasons, but Eric Hiserer, one of the creators of the series told Collider that: “We have a lot to cover, of course. It can be a lot longer than three seasons because Leigh just wrote so many books and there’s a lot of ground to cover. I feel like this will continue to be strong and healthy even through all four seasons and beyond, who knows? But I feel very nervous talking about it. I feel like I’m the baseball player aiming for the rafters and I have no idea. “

What could a second season be of?

The first ends by showing Kirigan emerging from the shadow alive and with an army of shadow creatures (called nichevo’ya in the books ), pointing to a war in the future of the general and the Sun Summoner. Alina and Mal also get on a ship heading to Novyi Zem, which suggests that the map could grow in new chapters (and that would give us new characters).

Bardugo also said that he wants to see the complete story adapted, so we could have more seasons to know what happens in the 7 novels of the saga.

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