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She is the Mexican behind the WandaVision dressing room

Mayes Rubeo already has an Oscar nomination for Jojo Rabbit and has now been commissioned to dress Wanda and Vision.

The wardrobe of WandaVision is very important, it is what helps us to differentiate between the different decades that have been traveled throughout the series and, according to some theories, it is even full of clues about what is really happening with the characters.

But who was in charge of placing that brooch that pointed out that Agnes could actually be Agatha Harkness or that detail on Vision’s tie that is supposedly a reference to the connection to Doctor Strange ? The wardrobe WandaVision was conducted by Mayes C. Rubeo, who had worked in the Cinematic Universe Marvel in Thor: Ragnarok and received an Academy Award nomination in 2019 for his work on costumes for Jojo Rabbit, of Taika Waititi .

The challenge in WandaVision was not only to dress the characters, but to take a journey through the 50s, 60s, 70s and until the early 2000s where each character needed a special look that did not break with aesthetics and did not reveal too many clues. “It’s not just about knowing the different historical periods or being familiar with the genre of sitcoms. This project has many layers of complexity. It is a story that is strategically woven, and you need to use all your skills to keep up with it. An episode has many nuances from the next episode, ”explains Rubeo .

Rubeo knew that Marvel fans were going to keep their eyes on every detail, in addition, the story, as he mentions, has a clear plan and a strategy to keep moving forward until it reaches its most important point, so Wanda, Vision, Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Agnes had to wear the exact garments, such as a SWORD logo necklace or Halloween costumes inspired by the classic comic book versions of each character.

The wardrobe of the current era was not that difficult, you just had to continue with the same line of looks that Wanda, Darcy and Jimmy already had, but traveling to the 50s for a black and white chapter was a challenge. “We learned a lot about shades and how garment colors translate into gray, white, and black in different ways. Every time we chose a fabric, we had to see it through the black and white filter of our cell phones to see if it worked! ”Reveals Rubeo .

The Mexican-born designer also revealed that the process was long, as both Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany wanted to try on each look and be sure it was the best for their characters, and even Teyonah Parris played an important part in choosing a wardrobe. that little by little is revealing the true role of Monica Rambeau in the story ( which becomes clearer in chapter 7 of the series ).

Is WandaVision’s dressing room full of secret clues? From the first moment it was clear that the clothes and accessories of the characters have a lot to say, and that is something we also owe to Mayes Rubeo, nominated for both the Oscar and the BAFTA , who said that “I spent many hours at the table of drawing. I designed almost all the pieces that you see on screen. And then we spend a lot of time finding the right fabrics. It was a wonderful process. “

At this point, there is still WandaVision left and the clues are still coming in, so it’s going to be interesting to see what Rubeo, who studied at Fashion and Costume Trade Tech College in Los Angeles, prepared for the characters, especially after they were released. finish making the big reveals and show how everything is connected to the multiverse that Marvel is preparing.

In addition to WandaVision, Rubeo’s work can be seen in films such as Men with Gun (1977), Sunshine State (2002), Casa de los Babys (2003), Apocalypto (2006), Avatar (2009) John Cartes (2012), Warcarft (2016), Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Jojo Rabbit (2019).

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