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“Space Jam: New Era”: everything we know about the film

Here’s a first look at the uniforms that monsters and Looney Tunes will be wearing in the “Space Jam” sequel.

Space Jam is one of the best sports movies of all time. It’s fun, intense, and features the best players in NBA history alongside the cartoon characters that marked the childhood of millions of children, Bugs, and Company, and now it’s going to have a sequel: “Space Jam: New Era”. A few months ago, LeBron James (who is not Michael Jordan, but is one of the best players in the world today) revealed that he is going to be producing a sequel to the classic ’90s film and that he would invite new NBA stars to an epic new battle with another group of aliens and the heroes who won the original game (the Looney Tunes). Space Jam, Michael Jordan is recruited by Bugs and Lucas after a group of little aliens challenged them to a basketball game (on the orders of a bully who wanted Bugs and his friends to be part of his park of bizarre and on the verge of bankruptcy attractions). The Looney Tunes had to turn to Jordan after the Monstars stole the talents of some of the best players of the year and became giants.

Michael Jordan had to help the Tunes train and to get them ready for the game he made them realize they needed a good uniform. Thus was born the white jersey of the Tune Squad, which contrasted with the blue jersey of the Monstars. Bugs and Company won the match at the last minute (in part thanks to Jordan’s magical water), the Monstars also had a happy ending as they took revenge on their oppressive boss and ultimately gave players back the talent that had been stolen from them. The ending is perfect and certainly doesn’t need a sequel, but LeBron James grew up watching Space Jamand wants to give a new generation a chance to have a new “game of the century” with Looney Tunes and new enemies, and for that a special uniform was needed. LeBron James also knows that a uniform helps players feel like part of a team. So he got down to work for Space Jam 2 , and after months of rumors he finally revealed what he looks like.

This is a colorful uniform, using shades of turquoise to contrast with the famous Tune Squad logo. It does not look like the uniform of the original film, but we can not judge before seeing Bugs and company when they enter the field with the shirt (I must say that NBA fans and Space Jam n did not react too well when they saw it). There is still no release date for Space Jam 2 which goes by the ‘New Era’ name, but a letter LeBron sent to his production team was recently released. “If I’m being honest with you, when I first heard about the project, I thought about the fact that Space Jamwas a movie I grew up with that involved people I idolized. I was like, ‘I have to be in it, I have to do it, I can’t refuse Space Jam . Then they gave me the script for the first time on set and on this fucking thing it was written: day 1 of 58 ‘. ” “It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been together: two months or three months… When you’re 12, 13, or 14 hours for five or six days a week with someone, you become a family. You start to know the names, what people like and dislike, how you can make them laugh, ”the NBA player wrote.

The release date and new posters

Warner has confirmed that the Space Jam sequel will hit theaters and on HBO Max on July 16 of this year. The studio also unveiled a series of new posters showing Bugs Bunny and his company ready for a new adventure where they once again ask for help from one of the greatest players in the NBA. 

The teaser

There’s no official trailer yet, but LeBron and HBO Max have released a teaser that shows Bugs Bunny back on the basketball court and ready for a new game. Looks like James and the famous bunny are going to live. an explosive experience. 

Who are the new players in Space Jam 2 ?

Few details on the film have been confirmed yet, but a few months ago it was revealed that the cast for the sequel could be:

  • Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors
  • LeBron James, who is also the producer of the sequel.
  • Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers
  • The stars of the Women’s National Basketball Association Nneka Ogwumike and Chiney Ogwumike
  • Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Diana Taurasi of the Mercury of Phoenix and UMMC Yekaterinburg
  • Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns

First images:

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the official stills for the film, where LeBron James can be seen in action, as well as Don Cheadle, as a very stylish AI, and the actor who will play James’ son in the film, and who will have the opportunity that the kids in the original movie didn’t have, to travel to the cartoon world, or at least that’s what it seems. 

Actors and cameos:

LeBron James is obviously the new player coming to take Michael Jordan’s place, and he will appear alongside his movie son named Dom (Khris Davis), who finds himself trapped in a digital space by a rogue AI, played by Don Cheadle. . It’s up to James to bring them home safe and sound as he leads Bugs, Lola Bunny and the Toon Squad to victory against the Digitized AI Champions on the court: An Enhanced List of Basketball Stars professional like you’ve never seen them before. Additionally, according to Collider, the new film will feature characters and properties ranging from Batman and Mad Max to Casablanca, although there is no word on which characters we’ll see or their role in it. ‘history.

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