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Stranger Things 4: everything we know about the new season

Eleven, Mike and their friends are ready for a brutal new adventure that promises to bring them out of Hawkins in season 4 of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things is months away from releasing its fourth season and, although the Duffer brothers have not revealed many details about it, there are already some key facts and details to start preparing for what is to come to the town of Hawkins now that there are Russians and a new monster on the loose.

Eleven lost her powers at the end of the third season, Hopper is missing and Joyce broke up the group by taking her children to another city, but it is clear that something important is about to happen and that is going to force them all to return to the place in the world. who started it all to plan a new rescue mission and discover the plans of the scientists who created a laboratory under the mall to open the door to the Upside Down.

Netflix has already revealed a first teaser and the name of the first chapters of season 4 of Stranger Things, but that has only made the fans of the series present their own theories about what has to happen now with all the characters that were connected by Will’s disappearance, Eleven’s arrival, and the discovery that there is an alternate reality hidden beneath ours.

The Duffer brothers have already confirmed that season 4 is not the end, but they have something very big in store for this new chapter after having left the story with an exciting cliffhanger.

This is what we know so far …

The leaked images

The first images from the set of Stranger Things 4 confirm that Steve has a new job and that Robin, one of the favorites from season 3, is back, although it seems that the gang is having to manage without Eleven and Will, who moved to another city at the end of the 3. 

Eleven’s brothers?

The new teaser of the series takes us what seems to be a hospital where we can see children playing with different toys, but, this is not just any place, it is the laboratory where Eleven spent part of her childhood conducting experiments, and it was not The only one.

The video shows more details of the rest of the children who were part of the experiment, which suggests that we could see more of them once season 4 arrives.

The live of David Harbor and Millie Bobby Brown

Before the premiere of the highly anticipated season 4, David Harbor did a live on Instagram where he appeared wearing the makeup of his character, who we could see in a first teaser that confirmed that he was alive somewhere in Russia. 

Harbor said he was going to read excerpts from the script, but before any major spoilers could be revealed, Millie Bobby Brown entered the video to ask him to stop before he was fired. In the end, Harbor didn’t say anything important, but the video reminds us that the premiere is close to, by showing that the two actors weren’t together, it confirms that we likely won’t see Hopper and Eleven together for much of the season.

A new villain

According to The Sun, Stranger Things 4 will have a new “bad boy” to replace Billy, it is Levon Thurman-Hawke, brother of Maya Hawke (who plays Robin) and son of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. 

Not much is known about the character, but Levon was seen on set dressed in Punk Rock style and in one of the images he even appears with Steve , which leads us to think that he could be one of his co-workers.

What happened in the third season of Stranger Things?

The children of Stranger Things , now teenagers, are enjoying a monster-free summer, but their holidays are over when they discover that very strange things have been happening in the town.

Erica, Steve and Robin discover that there are Russian spies in Hawkins, Dustin is busy with his new girlfriend, Mike and Lucas are going crazy with their own relationships and Hopper doesn’t know what to do to get Joyce to give him a chance, and it all gets worse. when they discover that the Mindflayer , who had possessed Will, is now robbing his neighbors to create a super monster capable of destroying them all. 

The team discovers that the Russians are trying to open a portal to the Upside Down under the new shopping center and they make a plan to stop them. Once there, Eleven is attacked by the monster and loses her powers, so everyone has to help her. Joyce and Hopper manage to enter the Russian laboratory to destroy the machine that opens the portal, they go down together and realize that someone has to sacrifice himself to save them all.

Hopper offers to turn the two keys needed to destroy the machine, it explodes and the portal closes, but after that, there is no sign of the Sheriff anywhere. Thinking that Hopper died, Joyce takes her children and Eleven and they move to another city, but a post-credits scene shows that there is still hope.

When does season 4 of Stranger Things premiere?

There is no official date yet, but the tentative release date for Stranger Things 4 will be early 2021.

Who is coming back for Stranger Things 4?

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)

Mike (Finn Wolfhard)

Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo)

Will (Noah Schnapp)

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin)

Max (Sadie Sink)

Steve (Joe Keery)

Nancy (Natalia Dyer)

Jonathan (Charlie Heaton)

Robin (Maya Hawke)

Joyce (Winona Ryder)

Erica (Priah Ferguson)

Karen (Cara Buono)

Hopper (David Harbor)

What about Hopper?

At the end of season 3 of Stranger Things , Hopper sacrifices himself to save the world and everything seemed to indicate that there was, but Netflix already revealed a first teaser in which they show Hopper’s fate . The Sheriff of Hawkins is trapped in what appears to be a Russian military base in Siberia.

This means that Eleven and company are going to have to work together again to save him and put an end to the Russians’ plans to use the power of the Upside Down to take over the world.

Theories about Eleven, Hopper and the new villain

There are many theories about what will happen now that Eleven has no powers and that there is a huge monster trying to destroy everything. The first says that, being infected by the Mindflayer , Eleven could become the villain of the story , another says that Hopper was brainwashed and that he is now working for the Russians, or that we are going to see one of the Eleven’s brothers using their powers to help the Soviets, but there is another more important that emerged when the title of the first chapter of season 4 was revealed .

In their Twitter account, the creators of the series revealed an image accompanied by the phrase “Looking for new members … are you joining? “, The image revealed that the title of the first episode will be Chapter 1: The Hellfire Club and, although does not reveal many details, it was enough for fans of the series to start making their own theories about it.

Hellfire Club is the name of an exclusive British secret society founded in the 18th century, but it probably sounds familiar to you because it is also the name of the group of Marvel villains who make life miserable for the X-Men (coincidence? ). The club first appeared in 1890 in the Unncany X-Men # 129 comic , which makes us think that it is probably a name that Hawkins’ rather adolescent boys could give to the new enemies they meet with. They will face this season, they are no longer limited to the Demogorgon and the creatures of the Upside Down.

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