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Stranger Things 4: who are the other kids in the Rainbow Room?

We know that Eleven wasn’t the only girl in Hawkins’s lab and the new season promises to show us more.

Season 4 of Stranger Things could continue with a story that we have been promised from the beginning and that has not yet been fully explored, that of Eleven’s “brothers”, the children who were part of the experiment in which she was the subject number 11.

The second season of Stranger Things had already shown us one of Eleven’s sisters, Kali, but it wasn’t exactly what we expected. Kali told him to Eleven how to control his powers and exploit its full potential (which is what finally helps close the portal to the Upside Down, more or less), but she did not seem to know anything about the other kids do not know escaped from Dr. Brenner, and the chapter also didn’t reveal if we might see more of the lab kids in the future.

One of the season 4 trailers took us back to the Rainbow Room in Hawkins’ lab, where we got to see more kids wearing the same gowns as Eleven and a series of doors with numbers pointing to her may not have been. alone during her time locked up.

We don’t know if this is a flashback or a new project by Dr. Brenner, who might not be dead after all, but it confirms that there are more subjects with powers, and that has led many to think that the series could take one X-Men comics page , where Eleven and her brothers must use their powers together to kill a common enemy (and it would be they who would help El to regain what he lost).

But who exactly are the other kids in the Rainbow Room?

Thanks to the comics that have emerged as a result of the series, we know that there are more children and that they have special abilities different from those of Eleven, mainly, it seems that we are going to see Three, Six and Nine.

Three (Ricky)

According to the comics, Ricky was the biggest guy ever to be part of Project Indigo and the only kid in the group. In the Stranger Things: SIX comics , Ricky meets a girl named Francine in 1976 and realizes that she also has powers.

It was Ricky who convinced Francine to let Dr. Brenner help her, but they soon start fighting because she discovers that Brenner does not have the best of intentions and that he is using them for his experiments.

It is believed that Ricky and Brenner could be related, and Francine eventually sacrifices herself to help him escape from Hawkins’ laboratory along with other children.

Six (Francine)

Francine was the sixth participant in the Hawkins lab experiments and she has the power of precognition . She met Ricky when her family moved next door and discovered that he has the ability to manipulate people’s emotions.

During the experiments, Francine began to have visions of a series of monsters, which led her to realize that the experiments were more dangerous than what she had been told, so it was she who created the plan to help the children to escape. Francine died during the escape, so if she appears it could be as a flashback or with an alternate history.

Eight (Kali)

We saw Kali in season 2, she was already part of Project Indigo when Eleven was born, but considered her a little sister and later tried to convince her to help her get revenge on Brenner , but Eleven had to go to help her friends and her. He left with his friends, and that could be where he meets Ricky again.

Nine and Nine.5 (Jamie and Marcy)

Nine and Nine.5 are twins (and in the trailer we can see two children playing together who could very well be them) and they arrived at Hawkins’ laboratory after his family died in a fire.

It seems that Nine has the ability to control fire (as in Firestarter by Stephen King , which is one of the inspirations for the series), but remained in state after coma perform one of the strongest evidence Brenner, so that she did not escape along with the rest of the children (in the comic, Kali and Ricky discover that one of their brothers who they believed dead was alive and it is believed that it could be her).

On the other hand, Marcy (Nine.5) did not present any special abilities when being brought along with her sister to Hawkins’ laboratory, but she did help the rest of the children escape after Francine told them her plan. In the comics Marcy and Ricky are looking for the rest of Hawkins’ subjects, which leads them to Kali and to discover that her sister is alive.

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