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Sydney Sweeney and her emotional celebration after her double Emmy nomination

‘Euphoria’ and ‘The White Lotus’ crown the actress, a promise comes true, who has burst into tears on a call with her mother.

The list of nominees for the 2022 Emmy Awards has left us with a lot of news. As always, the absences stand out more than the real nominees and there is a lot of television, and sometimes they just don’t fit all. That happens with Sadie Sink and Stranger Things, with no gap between the nominees for Best Actress. Again it will be is the refrain that is repeated for several of them, also for Jessica Chastain for Secrets of a marriage. Only the always ignored Amy Adams was missing to make Twitter think that the world has a conspiracy against redheads. But it is clear that the increase in leading and powerful female roles has resulted in the female categories being much more competitive in recent years than the male ones. But none of that has slowed down Sydney Sweeney.

Season 2 of Euphoria and the miniseries The White Lotus , both from HBO, have earned the actress a Supporting Actress nomination in both categories. She thus celebrated / cried for the nominations on the phone with her mother.

That is entering through the front door, confirming the talent that the 24-year-old has had to show, who had to overcome the poisoned gift of being born with a very striking physique. Seeing this photo on her Instagram made us think that Sweeney could have played Pamela Anderson with considerably less makeup and prosthetics than another nominee, Lily James, in Pam and Tommy .

Sweeney, who has always been the main target of the nudity debate in Euphoria , says that when she attended the premiere with her grandmother, to whom she is very close, she did so in fear of her response to her bed scenes. Her grandmother, as she told Ellen DeGeneres , far from reproaching her, told her “my daughter, you have the best forward in Hollywood.”

Sweeney, like that infamous Helen Mirren interview , hasn’t had to age or cover up his striking physique to go much further. The second season of the massively popular Euphoria has been yours from start to finish. She will be presented in that category of the Emmys against titans to giants like Patricia Arquette, Julia Garner, Christina Ricci, Rhea Seehorn, J. Smith-Cameron, Sarah Snook or the other great revelation of the year, Jung Ho-yeon . However, whatever happens with her double nomination, we have no doubt that she will be able to imitate the already mythical meme of her as Cassie and say “I never been happier”.

Of course, since I don’t win, the “bitch, you better be joking” will come up on Twitter. We also know that if he loses, he will take it with humor and will not mark a Cassie in her sister’s work.

Is it very noticeable that we can’t wait much longer for Euphoria season 3 ? Well, we are going badly because it seems that it will not arrive until 2024. Who knows, maybe with Sydney accompanying Zendaya as Emmy winners .

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