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The 14 most-watched Netflix original series in the world

You can probably imagine that Stranger Things is no longer number one and that there is a Mexican series on the list.

Netflix is no longer the only streaming option that exists, but they were the first so they have a lot of experience creating addictive series that capture the world’s attention and they have a few that always make it to the favorites lists. between the different platforms that are already available.

Now that Disney, Apple and HBO have declared war on it (taking their content and developing their own original movies), Netflix , which recently revealed the list of the most popular foreign series , is having to get creative to find new stories that ensure that their numbers are not going to suffer once all the new ones are released and have the world divided, trying to decide which platforms are really worth it.

But they are not suffering so much either, at the time of their premiere, series like Stranger Things and Lupine have been the salvation of Netflix , and they have become what everyone sees and talks about for weeks (or months, especially when the new seasons are announce).

At first, Netflix was very reserved when it came to sharing their numbers, they did not talk about the most watched series and movies or the number of people who saw them, but, for a few months they have been starting to share that data, even dividing by countries, so that all its users can know which series are not to be missed and how many people saw the same thing.

Netflix usually reveals the numbers of its most popular series, starting with The Witcher and Stranger Things and ending with Cobra Kai and Umbrella Academy , the most successful series not only within the platform. For this, they took into account the list of series that had been seen by at least 70%, which makes Bridgerton, The Witcher and Lupine the clear winners (although also accounts that were seen for at least 2 minutes ).

This is the Top 16 most watched series on Netflix in the world (and not just for two minutes).

Bridgerton – 83 million

The Shondalan series is a cross between Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey and follows Daphne Bridgerton and a group of society women who are introduced in society with the goal of finding a good match to hunt. 

Lupine – 76 million

The French series starring Omar Sy tells the story of a man who is inspired by a famous book thief to steal a famous necklace from the Louvre Museum, which turns out to be connected to a conspiracy that led to his family’s ruin.

The Witcher – 76 million

Before the premiere of its second season, The Witcher has been gaining more and more views, probably because everyone wants to remember what happened to Geralt in the first part and how things turned out now that he met with the princess he was looking for.

The Paper House – 65 million

This Spanish series came by surprise and quickly became one of the most popular. The story of the mint robbery had everyone obsessed, and the character costumes even became the most popular Halloween costumes.

Tiger King – 64 million

This crazy documentary tells the story of how a “rescuer” of tigers and wild lions organized a murder plan to disappear the woman he accused of wanting to destroy his career, who was also suspected of the disappearance of her husband.

The Queen’s Gambit – 62 million

One of Netflix’s most successful miniseries , Lady’s Gambit stars Anya Taylor-Joy and tells the story of a young chess prodigy who must deal with her addiction to pills, alcohol and mental health to become in the world champion. 

Stranger Things – 64 million

The series is in its fourth season and is already one of the favorites. It is not exactly Game of Thrones, but, its numbers grow with each new season and, now that it could be coming to an end (the fourth is rumored to be the last) Netflix surely has something big in store.

The Winx Saga – 57 million

Did you get hooked on this series of magic and fantasy? You weren’t the only one, the first season was a hit on Netflix and tells the story of a teenage girl who, after discovering she has magical powers, is sent to boarding school where she must learn to control her abilities.

Who Killed Sara? – 55 million 

The Mexican series begins 18 years after a man is sentenced to prison for the murder of his sister, when leaving, Alex seeks answers and revenge from those who blamed him for the crime and destroyed his family.

You – 54 million

This story about a stalker was addictive, millions of people obsessively followed it to see if the protagonist was going to realize that her new boyfriend was a psychopath before it was too late. The series is also preparing for its second season.

Ratched – 48 million

This spin off of the film with Jack Nicholson tells the story of the infamous Nurse Ratched , who appears as a newcomer to a mental hospital where she soon begins to show her darker side and manipulate patients.

Umbrella Academy – 45 million

This was one of the most watched superhero series , fans loved its style that mimics the feeling of reading a comic and will soon be able to see the second part, which already has new actors secured for the cast.

Cobra Kai – 45 million

Daniel San and Johhny Lawrence returned from retirement to face off again, now as coaches in their own karate studios, where they train a new generation of troubled teens in need of their help. 

Sex Education – 40 million

Teen series are going through their best and this is one of the best. Sex Education follows a student who decides to use his knowledge of sex (which he gained from his sexologist mom) to gain popularity in school.

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