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The 2021 Grammy Awards in 7 moments that have caused a lot of talk

The 2021 Grammy Awards were great moments, great performances and awards that made history. Here’s everything you need to know about the gala.

The 2021 Grammy Awards got off to a bad start when the list of nominees was revealed and The Weeknd and their album After Hours were missing. And while yesterday’s gala promised to be controversial, it ultimately resulted in some historic moments worth celebrating. We take a look at the 2021 Grammy Awards Gala through the seven moments that were most commented on (and the best according to many fans). Because if there’s one thing the 2021 Grammy Awards left us with, it’s incredible performances.

Billie Eilish, Song of the Year and Message

The American singer is one of the most popular artists of recent years and yet she still doesn’t believe that she can be better than the others. The 2021 Grammy Awards gave her the recording of the year award for Everything I Wanted , but her speech was dedicated to another great artist: Megan Thee Stallion, who was also nominated. For Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion was the true winner of the award. From the stage, she expressed her love and admiration for the “Body” singer and let it be known that in her mind there is no one better than her right now.

Taylor Swift, Album of the Year and Making History

Taylor Swift surprised the world when, while in confinement, she released the album Folklore . Fans and non-fans of the artist have fallen in love with songs that are completely different from what we have heard from him in recent years. With Folklore, she received the Grammy for Record of the Year, and the singer became, by the way, the first woman to win the Grammy for Record of the Year three times, making history once again. In her speech, she dedicated the award to her collaborators, her partner, and two people whose names she didn’t mention, but fans knew immediately who they were: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Beyoncé, the queen of the Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift made history with her third album of the year and Beyoncé followed suit by becoming the female artist with the most Grammy Awards to her name, and just four more off the all-time record. . Nominated for nine statuettes this year, Queen B won four: two for her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion for “Savage”, and two more for “Brown Skin Girl” and “Black Parade”. The world belongs to Beyoncé.

A long-awaited reunion

Yes, there have been a lot of accolades and historic moments, but millions of people have been crazy about one moment in particular: the reunion between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.The former couple, who were together almost a decade ago, have proven that despite what many are saying, their relationship is good. They chatted, laughed, and supported each other as they each won their Grammy, which, in Styles’ case, is his first. And of course, they did it in style.

The brilliant performance of Dua Lipa

The British artist won the 2021 Grammy for Pop Album of the Year for Future Nostalgia , and there has certainly been no better album than his. Every track from his second album made us dance at home and his performances were spectacular one after the other. For the gala, she mixed the tracks “Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now”, gave us an incredible performance and made us want to go out dancing. And we weren’t the only ones.

Bad Bunny represents us

During Dua Lipa’s performance , we got to see Bad Bunny sit down, sing from his table and move as much as he could from his seat as the urge to go out and dance was overwhelming. And who does not feel represented at the moment with these images?

BTS proves once again that they’re the biggest band around

The K-pop group failed to win their first Grammy, which disappointed their millions of fans. However, with their live performance, they have proven once again why no other band can overshadow them right now. Great voices, a choreography to the millimeter and a style like there is little. 

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