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The 4 royal jewels that accompany the queen’s coffin and what they mean

England bid its monarch farewell with a traditional funeral, filled with symbols important to the crown.

For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II was the most important woman in England, a queen who came to the throne at a very young age and who had to show everyone that she knew how to rule.

Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle, surrounded by her family, and that launched several plans that were already prepared, the first of which was Operation London Bridge, which consisted of the protocols that had to be carried out for the funeral. of the queen and so that her people could send her away.

It was first revealed that the queen’s coffin would have a lead coating, which is a tradition for royal burials because lead protects the bodies and allows for a slower decomposition process, which is somewhat important because the coffin is not buried underground, but is placed in the family crypt.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II took place on Monday, September 19, beginning with a procession in which the queen’s family, and some leaders from different parts of the world, accompanied the coffin to make the journey that ends in Westminster Abbey, where the funeral ceremony will take place, then go to St. George’s Chapel.

Between crown jewels and flags

And the queen’s coffin is not only different on the inside, as could be seen during the procession, but it is also decorated with flags and crown jewels that, according to BBC News, have special meanings.The Flower Crown and Paddington Bear

The coffin features a crown of white flowers that, according to Hello, come from Balmoral Castle, and are similar to those chosen for the coffin of Prince Philip, who died in 2021. According to the report, the flowers represent love, friendship, and perseverance.

In addition, many Paddington Bear cuddly toys have appeared among the queen’s tributes, due to the fact that the queen had a small moment as an actress, where she appeared alongside the famous character in a video in honor of her Platinum Jubilee.

the flags

As well as flowers and jewelry, Elizabeth II’s coffin is also draped in yellow and red flags, bearing the famous elements of the Royal Standard. According to Hello, “the flag represents the Sovereign and the United Kingdom, with each symbol featuring three of the country’s four home nations.”

The three lions on the flag represent England, the lion rampant represents Scotland, and the harp represents Ireland.

the royal crown

One of the most important symbols is the imperial crown of the State, which is the symbol of the sovereignty of the monarch and is the same one that is crowned on the head of the ruler during the coronation. The crown, dating from the 1930s, features more than 2,000 diamonds, sapphires, and pearls, highlighting the Stuart sapphire and the famous Cullinan II diamond.

According to The Nation, only the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen or King, and the Crown Jeweler are allowed to touch the crown.

the royal scepter

King Carlos III will use this scepter at his coronation, and it is one of the key items in the crown jewels collection. The famous Sovereign’s Scepter, which is another symbol of the monarch’s power as head of England. One of the most important gems in this piece is the 530.2-carat Cullinan I diamond.

the royal orb

This is another of the symbols that are used in funerals and coronation, it is a golden sphere decorated with precious stones that is placed in the hand of the monarch when he is crowned, and it is a religious symbol that represents the belief that the monarch is chosen by god and is his representative.

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