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Face it: Johnny Depp has been playing the same role over and over for decades.

Who are the best actors in Hollywood history? And of the present? Are they the ones that have won the most Oscars for Best Actor … Or the highest grossing? What is more important for an actor: to be very good at his job or to be liked by people? All these questions are very interesting, but I’m not going to get into the brown of answering them (at least today).

However, it is essential to investigate these questions in order to elucidate what it means for an actor to be “overrated” . For example, there are performers who are highly valued by the public for their charisma and friendliness, but not for their acting skills (for example, Keanu Reeves ), and vice versa, there are actors who (almost) all of us agree that they are true masters. in his own but that, for extra-cinematic reasons, we like regularly (Kevin Spacey is the first that comes to mind, but surely there are many more).

For this list we have taken the middle way. We are going to talk about actors who have legions of followers (that is, who are liked by a good part of moviegoers) and who, at the same time, are usually recognized for their good work in front of the cameras , even winning awards as important as Oscars or Golden Globes.

There are special cases like Jared Leto, capable of the best (‘Dallas Buyers Club’) and the worst (‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Morbius’), which makes us suspect that perhaps his best works have been a mirage in the middle of the desert. Or Johnny Depp, who has been playing the same role for decades : a painted face, a wig and weird faces and voices.

Still, we do not lose hope. This list can be seen in a negative way, as actors who do not reach the level they had or what is expected of them, or in a positive way as a list of names that can resurface with a triumphant return (look, for example, at Brendan Frasier emotionally receiving a standing ovation after the screening of ‘ The Whale ‘ at the Venice Film Festival ) or that they can explode by demonstrating their skills once and for all.

Review with us the list of those who are subjectively (of course) the most overrated actors for us in Hollywood today . Among them are the protagonists of several of the highest-grossing films in history and the occasional Oscar winner. Is your favorite actor among them? Would you have suggested another interpreter, or do you miss someone? We read you on our social networks. 

Johnny Depp

What do Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, the Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd, Barnabas Collins, Grindelwald or Tonto, the native of ‘The Lone Ranger’ have in common? Johnny Depp with excess makeup overreacting. He had to say it and he said it.

Chris Pratt

The protagonist of two of the most successful sagas of recent times, ‘ Jurassic World ‘ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy is possibly the most successful actor of the moment. But why?

Neither his interpretive skills, which are nothing to write home about nor his off-camera controversies (for example, his alleged homophobia for belonging to an extremist Church ) have dented his reputation. Quite a mystery…

Jared Leto

Jared Leto nailed it on ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. He gave a wonderful performance, and the Oscar he won was more than deserved. It was the consecration of an actor who already amazed us in ‘Requiem for a Dream and in ‘The Possible Lives of Mr. Nobody’. But then came ‘Suicide Squad’ and its Joker… And everything went to waste.

The Leto from ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ doesn’t look the same as the one from ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘The House of Gucci’ and ‘ Morbius ‘. They have changed it for us . Will he resurface again, or will he stay in a “it seemed so…”?

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has won a BAFTA, four Critics’ Choice Awards and two Grammys, as well as eight Oscar nominations, five Golden Globe nominations and one Tony nomination. When did all this happen, if his best works are as the voice of a chattering raccoon from space and as a recidivist hungover party animal?

In addition, his former teammates have the occasional reproach towards Bradley Cooper …

Tom Cruise

The tremendous success of ‘ Top Gun: Maverick ‘ and the ‘Mission Impossible’ saga is making us forget a little about the time when Scientology completely blinded the actor , causing the character to eat the person.

In addition, his best performance in more than 20 years , since ‘Magnolia’, is a very brief cameo in which he is unrecognizable . (‘Tropical Thunder’).

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