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The Batman “is radically different”: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has spoken out about The Batman with a small statement that tells us more about this film that is getting closer and closer to being released.

We are a few months away from the premiere of The Batman, which will be special for different reasons. First, the play will establish a new universe, completely separate from the vision created by Zack Snyder during the previous decade, seeking to breathe new life into the franchise. Likewise, Robert Pattinson, one of the best actors of his generation (and one of the most divisive) will take the mantle of the bat with an interpretation that some believe will be quite different from that of his predecessors and, on the other hand, there is still debate about if it will be the first Batman film directed at a fully adult audience.

Robert Pattinson comments Much is said about The Batman, but little is heard about those involved in it (and it will be until it is time to promote it). However, there have been statements that reveal a bit more of what it could turn out to be, with some happening at the recent CinemaCon, where Robert Pattinson appeared alongside director Matt Reeves. During the talk, Pattinson spoke about his connection to Bruce Wayne but also revealed how he was struck by the way he was portrayed in the film. The man commented, “From the first conversation I had with Matt, I knew there was something radically different.”

The statement is in line with other things the actor, like Reeves, has mentioned in this regard. The director mentioned: “It can be very practical, but I also think it could be the most emotional Batman movie ever.”

Little is known about the film beyond what has been revealed in the trailers. Bruce Wayne is said to be in his second year as the masked vigilante and will have to face The Riddler (played by Paul Dano) after he commits a murder and leaves him a note at the crime scene. At this point, Batman already knows James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), while Alfred (Andy Serkis) supports him from his corner, also warning him about his role as an anti-crime hero. Key players include Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) and Penguin (Colin Farrell), who will be the leader of a criminal organization.

Reeves has indicated that one of his influences will be the comic Batman: Year One by Frank Miller, but that it would not be completely an adaptation of it, but will integrate new ideas and elements.

From what we can see, Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be one more psychologically altered, which can confirm a bit of what we see in the trailer. He doesn’t have the image of a billionaire playboy like Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne or the earlier ones, so he has no interest in that image. His focus is more on fighting crime, using more egregious brutality. This may be what the actor is referring to with a radically different version and the film could show a character with a more limited trauma. Likewise, the actor has mentioned that he has been interested in how the character conflicts with the expectation of doing the right thing and if he is doing it or not, so perhaps we will also see a Batman “under construction”, learning or creating his own moral code.

Of course, Christopher Nolan did give us a “darker” version of Batman, but this new work could reach other levels. In fact, it has been described as a horror movie, which fits a bit with the images we saw in the trailer, as well as the role of the Riddler as a serial killer without control and with his own moral code.

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