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The best Simpsons characters according to their biggest fans

The Simpsons is one of the most watched series by viewers in the world, what will be the favorite characters of your fans? 

The Simpsons is one of the most popular animated series in entertainment history. Its creator Matt Groening knew how to conquer his audience for years, since the show has been presented in various places around the world for more than 15 years, reaching a total of 32 seasons.

In addition, each episode is seen by around 4 million viewers, although before the rise of streaming platforms, the series reached up to 27.8 million viewers on average per episode in the United States.

Among so many fans around the world, it is difficult to decide who would be the biggest fans of this show. However, a survey published by the “Vanity Fair” medium was given the task of identifying which would be the preferred characters of the public from the series The Simpsons, the program known for its ability to predict the future and its critical and critical sense of humor. ironic. These are the top 10 places.

10) Abraham Simpson

This grandfather teaches us the two sides of the coin of being an older adult: on the one hand, being a bit difficult at times, but on the other, being a source of wisdom that only passes over time.

9) Maggie

A baby who practically knows how to exist on his own. How not to fall in love with this character ?

8) Mr. Burns

This character is, perhaps, the secondary character who has starred in the most chapters of the series. In addition, throughout the program he has acquired greater depth than other characters who could have the same hierarchy in terms of protagonism. We know his mother, his son, the women he has fallen in love with and the details of his evil character.

7) Milhouse

Although he is not particularly respected by Bart or the people around him, we know that Milhouse is central to The Simpsons . Furthermore, we believe that your future will be different. Not for nothing in an episode where you can see the Milhouse of the future, we see a strong and overcome young man.

6) Moe

Although at first glance he looks like a grumpy character , he has actually done several things to make the world a better place. We know he may not look like it out of the box, but he would go to any lengths to help the people around him.

The Simpsons have conquered thousands of viewers

5) Ned Flanders

This character changed a lot when he became a widower. After that, we were able to learn a deeper side about his doubts about life, religion, loneliness, among other topics and that made many people feel more empathy with Homer’s enemy.

4) Bart

Evidently Bart was destined to appear at the top of this list . The character came to set an important trend during the nineties with some of his phrases such as “multiply by zero.” As a curious fact, its name comes from the English word “brat” which refers to young boys who behave in difficult ways with people.

3) Marge

This character has gained more and more acceptance among the public because now it is linked to a more feminist position. Although she is a homemaker and is largely dedicated to taking care of the home, she also emphasizes her right to satisfy her needs and to have time alone for herself.

2) Lisa

Marge and Homer’s daughter is distinguished by her intellectual and left-wing perspective. With the passing of the seasons, we know more and more about his ideology, something that has made many people empathize with his thinking and even feel identified.

1) Homer

It’s a bit obvious that Homer would be number one on this list , but it’s hard to deny that this character is a crowd favorite. His personality reaches different ranges of depth and allows to show someone who can be both superficial and complex and that in his love and way of seeing life, he teaches a lot about the beauty of being human.

In addition to the best character lists, there are lists that list the best episodes of The Simpsons that are also worth checking out if you are a fan of this show.

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