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The Bridgerton Chronicle season 2: 5 things that lie ahead (according to the novel)

If you are, like us, completely addicted to The Chronicle of the Bridgertons on Netflix, you cannot wait to know what awaits you in season 2 which will be devoted to Anthony, played by Jonathan Bailey. To get a bit ahead, there is only one solution: read the novel, What to discover even more about the characters of the series! If you’re a little lazy, here are 5 things we should see in the sequel according to the novel. Please note that this article may contain spoilers.

Before being a hit series seen by 82 million households in one month (the most viewed series in Netflix history ), The Bridgertons Chronicle is also a successful literary saga. The author, Julia Quinn, published 8 novels (each book is dedicated to a child of the Bridgerton family and you can already discover the plot of each of the books ) between 2000 and 2006. After Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and her story with Simon ( Regé-Jean Page ), the second book is therefore devoted to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey). We already know the face of the future female heroine: it is Simone Ashley who will play Kate Sharma(Kate Sheffield in the novel). If you’re the curious type, here’s what to expect in future episodes:

1. Revelations about the Bridgertons’ father

We know from season 1 of the series, the Bridgertons’ father died years ago and it was Anthony who inherited the title of viscount and became head of the family. But the novel – like the series – does not reveal the circumstances of the Patriarch’s death. Season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle should provide more information: Edmund’s death is clearly explained in the book. It must be said that this tragic death marked Anthony a lot, who, from that moment, is convinced that he too will die before his forties, like his father. The last scene of season 1 which showed a bee is also a big clue about the death of the Bridgertons’ father but also an important element of the plot of Anthony in the second novel.

2. The new characters arriving

The Bridgertons’ second novel obviously introduces new characters related to Anthony’s plot. These are the Sheffield family, which will be renamed as Sharma for the series. Unlike the novels, the show relies on diversity and the heroine of season 2 will therefore be of Indian origin. Kate is obviously the one at the center of the action. At 21, she entered the company during the season of 1814 (a year after the marriage of Daphné and Simon) at the same time as her half-sister, Edwina, 17. Their father had died several years earlier and, coming from a modest family, they and their mother, Mary, had to save in order to participate in the social season. In the novel, Kate and Edwina share a beautiful bond and the younger is defined as ” the“of the season. A little in her shadow, so Kate is almost resigned not to marry. Ah, and we were almost going to forget the cutest member of the Shefflield / Sharma family: Kate’s corgi, Newton. We hope that it will not be skipped to the scenario!

3. A love story different from that of season 1

If in season 1 of The Bridgertons, Daphne and Simon quickly fell for each other, it takes more time in the second book. Remember, at the end of the first season, Anthony decided to get married but not out of love. The elder Bridgerton will therefore set his sights on Edwina … but will have to oppose Kate. Because the latter, who is aware of his past as a “libertine”, will not take a good look that Anthony is courting his sister. From hate to love, there is obviously only one step, but Anthony’s fears – and the fact that he does not want to fall in love with his future wife – will complicate matters. Anyway, we loved reading the scenes where Kate and Anthony are opposed and we can not wait to see what it will look like in the series! And if you’re wondering, yes there are sex scenes.Jonathan Bailey teased an even sexier season 2 .

4. The croquet match

This is one of the most cult scenes in the Bridgerton saga, the croquet match (or Pall Mall in their original version). In the 2nd book, Lady Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell) invites many young women to Aubrey Hall, the family’s country home. On this occasion, the Bridgertons meet for a 100% bad faith match. What to show the links between the famous family but also to discover how bad players they are! It is also in the novel one of the only moments when we can see the Bridgerton family reunited with the presence of Simon, Daphne, Colin (Luke Newton) and Benedict (Luke Thompson). If the two brothers make a few appearances, this is the only time we see Simon and Daphne in the book. But we imagine that they will be more present in the series.

5. The return of Siena?

If we put a question mark, it’s not for nothing. The important character of season 1, Siena Rosso (Sabrina Bartlett) is the former mistress of Anthony, who decided to leave him for good. In the books, she doesn’t exist (check out the biggest differences between the series and the Bridgertons Chronicle books ) but another character with the same (family) name appears. Maria Rosso is also an opera singer and ex of Anthony and returns for a few scenes. We therefore imagine that Siena could also return in season 2 of the series but we have not yet confirmed this return.

While waiting for the continuation of The Chronicle of Bridgertons , you can always make your own opinion by reading the novel, available at the I have read editions or watch these series which should please fans of the adventures of Simon and Daphne.

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