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The Crown: Prince Harry reveals what he really thinks about the Netflix series

Don’t count on Prince Harry to criticize The Crown, the Netflix series, season 5 of which is in production. Meghan Markle’s husband confided, it has its good sides, even if it remains above all a fiction.

Prince Harry endorses The Crown

If you were ever wondering: yes, the British royal family is watching The Crown, the famous Netflix series. And contrary to what one would have thought so much the episodes are not tender with the characters, in particular towards his father, Prince Harry is not disturbed by what she tells.

Guest of James Corden in his Late Late Show, Meghan Markle’s husband first recalled, ” Of course, not everything is true in it “, before specifying, ” They do not claim to be in the news, it is a fiction which is loosely adapted from a true story “. In fact, he has no reason to look down on her.

A fiction that has its good sides

He also confided, he even sees a positive point in this series, ” I am more comfortable with The Crown than I can be seeing the stories written in the press about my family, my family. wife or me “. The reason? Despite its fictional side, The Crown would know how to focus on some complicated things going on behind the scenes that the general public might not always be aware of, ” It gives you a pretty crude idea of ​​what the lifestyle is [which to them. is imposed], of the pressure that we have to put our duties and our services above everything, of what this can generate … “

In the end, the only thing that really bothers Prince Harry The Crown is the way the press or some of the public can use the series to imagine things and rewrite history, ” This is fiction, but it’s often taken/announced as fact. And I have a real problem with that. ” It’s hard to prove him wrong when we see the behavior of some fans online, who have not hesitated to harass Camilla Shand on social networks since the broadcast of season 4.

For the little anecdote, Prince Harry would like to see actor Damian Lewis ( Homeland ), yet 20 years his eldest, embody him in the series.

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