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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: the X-Men references no one noticed

The series with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes could be the key to bringing mutants to the MCU (as was thought with WandaVision).

Falcon and the Winter Soldier did Sharon Carter justice with her chapter 3 in Madripoor , where we could see the former CIA agent kicking butt and taking control of her own destiny without depending on anyone or without thinking about a relationship with Steve Rogers or another Avenger, but that wasn’t the only important thing that happened.

The series made it very clear to us that Zemo is only going to help Bucky and Sam as long as it suits him, that Karli Morgenthau and her Flag Smashers are not just activists who want a world without borders or barriers, and that the MCU has big surprises in store for him. future.

Does that future include the X-Men mutants ? We know that Disney and Marvel have been considering bringing them back and that many expected WandaVision to show us the first hint before its end, but that did not happen and now it seems that the key is in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The third chapter of the series presents some subtle references to the X-Men that, although they are not exactly an announcement of their imminent arrival, without a doubt it is necessary to take into account that Marvel does not do anything randomly or without thinking and that a reference always it has a reason to exist, especially when it was planned as intelligently as in the series.

Are there references to the X-Men in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series?

It’s been two years since Disney obtained the rights to the mutants by acquiring Fox and Kevin Feige has not said anything about it, but there are two clear mentions (or so it seems) within his new series, which we know is connected in some way shape with the next movies that are being prepared.

The first reference comes after Bucky decides to help Zemo escape from prison to ask for his help in approaching the Power Broker and discovering what is behind the Flag Smashers . Once out of his cell, Zemo reveals to them that they have to travel to Madripoor (which is where they discover that Sharon Carter is still a woman wanted by the government), which not only has to do with the Avengers, but is a key location. in the 1988 Wolverine comics .

Madripoor is an island with its own laws and structure, crime occurs everywhere and the super rich lead lives full of luxury while the poorest suffer in the area called Lowtown . There are no mentions of Wolverine , but the island’s appearance could certainly be a key to bringing him back and connecting him to the story, although it won’t necessarily happen in the series.

The second reference is given in that same place. Zemo takes Bucky and Sam to meet the character of Imelda Corcoran , who in the series goes by the name Selby , and X-Men fans will remember that there is a mutant that goes by that same name in the Marvel comics .

Now, we saw very little of Selby and they did not explain much about her origin, but her name points to the X-Men and it would not be crazy if later we manage to see more of her and finish understanding if she really comes from the world of mutants.

In addition to these two details, in Madripoor they also visit the Princess Bar, which is another of the key locations of the island’s criminal world that appears in the Wolverine comics.

Madripoor is obviously important and Kevin Feige almost certainly didn’t put it on the show just to have some Easter Eggs and references, but this place will certainly continue to be key to the future of the MCU, and that leaves open the possibility that the Classic mutants make a comeback in one form or another, and Wolverine seems to be the one due to his connections to the place.

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