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‘The Last Of Us’: Ellie’s Joke Book Is More Important Than It Seems 

The creators of ‘The Last of Us’ explain why they have recovered the joke book from the video game in the HBO Max series.

Episode 1×04 of ‘The Last of Us’ has not been the mountain of emotions that the previous one had, with the story of Bill and Frank , but it has served to introduce several characters who promise to be very important for the future of Joel’s journey ( Pedro Pascal ) and Ellie (Bella Ramsay).

‘The Last of Us’ has introduced two characters into the series at the end of the episode who, without revealing who they are or what they will do, are key in the video game. And it has also revealed the Kansas City Hunters and two of their leaders, Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) and Perry (Jeffrey Pierce). However, there is another very important element that has gone more unnoticed… Ellie’s joke book, ‘No Pun Intended: Volume Too’ (translated as ‘No Seconds: Volume 2’), written by the fictional Will Livingstone .

Finding out, Ellie tries to lighten the mood by reading Joel a series of the worst jokes we’ve heard in a long time, such as ” Why was there a bathtub on top of the ambulance? To carry the siren ” or “Why Do the circus seals look up? Through the spotlights.”

The book is one of the most remembered and beloved items from the original game. ‘No Pun Intended: Volume Too’ may seem like just another nice touch to those who watch the show “virgins” without knowing the source material, but it’s actually a critical element to the game’s structure and is key to smoothing out the relationship between Joel and Ellie , as well as to highlight Ellie’s innocence in a world that is anything but innocent.

Speaking to the Official ‘The Last of Us’ podcast , showrunner Craig Mazin explained why it was so important to him and his partner Neil Druckmann that the book be included in the series:

“I remember being surprised that the game suddenly offered me something that had no apparent benefit. That’s what I loved, that it was seemingly superficial but at the same time charming and human. […] The reason I thought What was essential to include in the program is that it undermines what happens when adults write adolescents on paper, and that is that they write them too young or too old. My friend Scott Frank had the best description of this, and I experienced it myself with my children when they were going through that age.’ I call that moment in life “fuck you, tuck me in “‘.

Mazin continues to elaborate on how important it is for him to set the tone for Ellie at such a difficult age between childhood and adulthood: “They’re ready to go it alone, they want to be in charge, they want a gun, they think they know everything, but they’re also just kids. I love how Ellie has this joy over something so juvenile and stupid, and she knows it’s stupid, but she loves it and it’s an honest joy , and I always connect with the characters that show me what they love. Pedro’s reaction is amazing, but what Neil and I agreed on when we discussed its inclusion is that it’s not just something that pops up dynamically and disappears when you pause the game, we thought ‘ what can we do with this book of jokes and how does it get change their relationship? ‘”

The jokes in the book serve to “break the ice” in a natural way and for both characters to open up to discuss other personal experiences with each other, strengthening their relationship. “You can see their relationship connects more organically with each other, they’ve been trying before, but because of the joke book, it’s just happening,” Mazin continued. ” Joel’s been quiet for three episodes, but now he’s talking to Ellie . She asks him about Tommy, and he goes on for a long time about his brother, and I loved the idea that Joel doesn’t even realize it’s happening.” .

The joke book will return (we hope) in episode 1×05 of ‘The Last of Us’ , which will premiere early on HBO Max this weekend so as not to coincide with the Superbowl.

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