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The Marvels: what does the title of the Captain Marvel sequel mean?

Brei Larson will be accompanied by more heroines and the comics hide many clues about the possible story.

The Marvels is the name that was chosen for the second Captain Marvel movie in the MCU , and it seems to point to a new team or family of heroes related to Carol Danvers , who could change the future of the MCU.

The title doesn’t seem to reveal too much, but fans of classic comics know that it says more than meets the eye. First, the title basically confirms that Ms . Marvel (which will have its own series on Disney +) will be part of the new film, in which Teyonah Parris is also expected as the adult Monica Rambeau (aka Spectrum) , and with powers, who we met during the WandaVision events. .

But who are The Marvels really?

According to canon, The Marvels is not the name of a super-team like the Avengers, but has been used to describe a group of characters with powers within the Marvel world, dating back to the 1930s, when Captain Marvel and Shazam they were the same character.

The Marvels was the predecessor to the Marvels , created by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross in 1994, who sought to bring back Marvel’s past, telling the stories of various characters from the point of view of a journalist named Phil Sheldon , who helped reinvent different stories, such as the arrival of Human Torch and the death of Gen Stacy at the hands of the Green Goblin, giving fans a chance to be surprised again with different versions of the events that marked the history of the comics.

In the case of the Captain Marvel sequel , it appears that The Marvels name is being used for something else, such as to allow the MCU to expand a bit more and allow more people to come into play in the movies.

In its original version, The Marvels included characters like Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and Uncle Marvel, and while there is no mention of them anywhere in the MCU, it could certainly be the key to introducing a new family, and not to a team, of characters. And it doesn’t have to be a family in the literal sense.

We know that Monica is related to Carol Danverse through her mother, so without a doubt we could see a kind of “sisterhood” between the three heroines that will supposedly appear in the film, we could even touch on the subject of the DNA that gave her her powers. to Carol.

In the comics, The Marvels were characters that had the word Marvel in their name, but they don’t really need to have it, so there is definitely a possibility that the story shows us Carol forming her own family of heroes and heroines to help her. to protect the universe.

When are we going to see The Marvels?

The film will be made by Nia DaCosta and we know that Brie Larson is already training to put the suit back on, but the release date was left for November 11, 2022, so we will have to wait a bit to find out what it is. deals with all this.

As for the trailer, surely we are going to see one until next year, and it is what could confirm us if the theory of a new family of heroines is real, or the name of The Marvels has a completely different meaning. Considering what Marvel has done so far, what they are doing is likely different than what everyone has in mind.

As The Marvels arrives, the MCU will grow with the Loki series and many other films that have already been confirmed for the next few years.

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