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The MCU trainer’s routine to mark the chest with 4 movements

The coach who got Sebastian Stan and Ryan Reynolds in shape holds the key to getting that superhero look.

Do you want to mark the chest? Don Saladino has the short training you needed and you didn’t know it.

Don Saladino is the secret weapon of the MCU , he is the coach of actors like Sebastian Stan and Ryan Reynolds , and together with them he has designed many of the trainings that achieve that Marvel Effect that gives the actors bodies that seem to be taken from the illustrations of the comics.

Before being the favorite coach of the Marvel actors , Saladino was already a fitness fanatic and coach, he also had experience in front of the cameras and knew that for many actors it is essential to have a marked and defined look for their films and projects, as well that when Marvel called him, he knew he had to help his clients build strength and muscle, but also get ready to look perfect in front of the cameras.

Mere mortals have no need to train like an actor who’s about to become a superhero in a movie for the biggest studio of the moment, but everyone likes to look good and gaining muscle is the main reason everyone goes. to the gym, so Don Saladino’s tricks can serve everyone.

The best part is that not all of his routines are long or extreme, Saladino has rather dedicated himself to developing routines made up of smart and efficient workouts that help mark and lose fat without having to spend his entire life in the gym.

For his chest marking routine , which is similar to the one he uses with his clients, the trainer chose 3 warm-up exercises and 4 basic movements that can be done with a pair of dumbbells or with body weight if you don’t have access to it. team. The coach explains that the most important thing is to try to do each movement with the correct form and adds that the routine can be stopped if the body no longer holds, you must listen to your body and try to move like an athlete (that is, perform each movement with strength, intention and control).

What is the routine to mark the chest?

The good news is that the coach shared it all in a video in which he explains how each movement should be performed to get the results you are looking for. It’s kind of like having your own pocket personal trainer.


  • Bottom-up kettlebell press : This exercise is essential for shoulder and lateral length stability.
  • Hip Plane : This exercise helps fight back and knee pain, as well as involving the hip.
  • Child pose: This yoga pose works on breathing, helps stretch the rib cage and spine, and hips.


This routine is focused on building strength and hypertrophy, as well as helping blood reach the muscle.

  • Bench press: start with a comfortable weight and gradually increase. It is important that you pay attention to the movement and try to feel the weight that you are using, this to work on the strength, form, and power that are essential for muscle density.
  • Weighted chest press with bands: Overload the position of the movement. This exercise is essential to strengthening your upper chest.
  • Inclined fly : if you don’t have this machine, you can do the fly with dumbbells or with a cable, as long as what you use allows you to stretch your arms well.
  • Seated machine chest press : the idea is to do a pyramid exercise that starts with a lightweight and gradually increases with each set, taking care that the weight does not become too intense and that you can perform the exercise slowly.

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