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The most watched series in the world in 2021

Netflix’s “Irregulars of Baker Street” is crowned as the most watched series in the world for 2021 so far.

Nielsen, which provides the media industry with the most accurate cross-platform view of what people listen to and watch, just revealed its list of the most-watched series in 2021 and Sherlock Holmes leads the way thanks to Netflix . The year 2020 has been a blockage year (due to the pandemic) and this has left us with a huge need for good series which continues now that we are in 2021, the good news is that streaming has given us exactly what we need, with record-breaking series and movies that make everyone watch and talk about the same. With that in mind, Nielsen took a count to try to figure out what everyone watched in this time of life and, if Disney + has exceeded expectations with WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier , everything indicates that Netflix remains the king of streaming, not only with its best series, but also with its films which dominate the list of the most-watched. Here are the most-watched series (and movies) since the start of the year:

Original series

In first place we have The Irregulars of Baker Street , a series that follows a group of teenagers living on the streets of London, where they are contacted by Dr Watson in order to solve a series of bizarre cases involving supernatural elements and inexplicable. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson came in second on the list, while Mexico took third place with Who Killed Sara? a murder, deception and revenge mission thriller, the second season of which will launch soon.

  • Baker Street Irregulars ( Netflix ), watched 643 million minutes
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier ( Disney + ), $ 628 million
  • Who killed Sara? (Netflix), 553 million
  • Ginny & Georgia (Netflix), 292 million
  • The Crown (Netflix), 287 million
  • Solar Opposites (Hulu), 171 million
  • The Great British Baking Show (Netflix), 170 million viewers.
  • The Serpent (Netflix), 161 million
  • Invincible (Amazon), 139 million

Acquired series

As for the non-original series that can be streamed, Grey’s Anatomy has come back to the fore thanks to a season that promises to be the last, while NCIS remains a favorite and Welcome to Schitt’s Creek dominated thanks to a season. farewell who has won several awards this season.

  • Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 580 million minutes watched
  • NCIS (Netflix), 535 million
  • Cocomelon (Netflix), 515 million
  • Criminal Minds (Netflix), 489 million
  • Heartland (Netflix), 413 million
  • Supernatural (Netflix), 377 million
  • Welcome to Schitt’s Creek (Netflix), 338 million
  • Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 283 million
  • New Girl (Netflix), 280 million
  • Big Time Rush (Canal +), 248 million


It seems like family comedies and movies are still in the lead. Netflix’s Bad Voyage is in pole position with over 344 million minutes watched, while Edgar Ramírez did the job with family comedy, Yes Day and Idris Elba gained ground in the streaming war with Concrete Cowboy, a drama describing the life of African-American cowboys in Philadelphia. Raya and the Last Dragon came in 7th, but it will surely improve now that it is available to all Disney + users.

  • Bad Trip (Netflix), 344 million minutes
  • Hansel and Gretel, Secret Agents (Netflix), 268 million minutes
  • Hop (Netflix), 217 million
  • Moana (Disney +), 193 million
  • Concrete Cowboy (Netflix), 190 million
  • The Octonauts and the Ring of Fire (Netflix), 176 million
  • Raya and the Last Dragon (Disney +), 175 million
  • Seaspiracy (Netflix), 136 million
  • Yes Day (Netflix), 118 million
  • A Prince in New York 2 (Amazon), 109 million

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