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The sexiest (and very good) series to watch with your girlfriend

These series have great stories, but also a good dose of sex and nudity to put you in the mood.

Looking for good series to watch with your partner? You can always watch a good comedy, a thriller, a horror story (so that it feels very close to you) or a drama, but if what you want is something that gives them a little inspiration for their relationship and to get in the mood. Then you can go for the sexiest series that have conquered the public with great stories and with intense scenes that raise the temperature.

Until a few years ago, television was much more conservative than film (in series like I Love Lucy, the lead couple even slept in separate beds so they wouldn’t be censored), but, at one point, HBO discovered that by choosing a later schedule, they could push the boundaries and show much more explicit scenes, which went a bit further with the advent of streaming.

Today there are few series that do not have at least a bit of sex and romance , it is not about pornography or anything like that, but rather more risky scenes that end up revealing a lot (and we are not just talking about the physical) of the characters.

From Game of Thrones to Elite, these are the sexiest series (in case you’ve already seen all the movies) that you have to do with your partner.


Without giving spoilers, the ending gives a very different meaning to everything you see in the series. Starring Mario Casas , Instinto follows a man obsessed with rough sex and bonding, but who, for some reason, cannot have sex with women he knows, his psychologist believes that this may be connected to a trauma from his past and you have to find out before you destroy it.

Masters of Sex

Lots of sex, but by science. The series tells the true story of the doctor who pioneered the study of sexuality and pleasure, creating a revolutionary and controversial study that, worth the redundancy, had a great influence on the sexual revolution.

The Girlfriend Experience

Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter , stars in this anthology inspired by Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, starring Sasha Gray, which follows a Call Girl who has some of the most powerful men in Manhattan among her clients.

The Tudors

The historical series tells of the reign and marriages of Henry VIII , who challenged the church to leave his wife and marry his lover, Anne Boleyn, with the aim of obtaining an heir to the throne. And yes, there is a lot of sex, betrayal and deception here.

Sex education

As the name implies, this series revolves around sex and pleasure. Through the “adventures” of different characters, he tells us about pleasure, orgasms, sexual positions, threesomes and the problems that we can all face, all while a romance develops between his protagonists.


In this Netflix miniseries , a New York City graduate student reunites with her childhood best friend, she discovers that he is gay, he discovers that she is one of the most sought-after dominatrix in the city and introduces him to a world full of sex and fetishes.


Naomi Watts stars in this series in which she plays a psychologist who becomes obsessed and begins to have fantasies about the girlfriend of one of her patients, which leads her to sabotage the relationship in order to stay with her.


These high school students are not exactly like your classmates, they live in a privileged world full of luxury, excess, drugs, sex, secrets and murder. You’ll see a little of everything here, from threesomes to incest.


Similar to the movie Indecorous Proposal , in this series a couple of newlyweds from San Francisco with financial problems receive a proposal from a businesswoman who can solve their problems. Proposal? One night with the husband in exchange for money. The drama breaks out from there.

Game of Thrones

This series does not hide anything, there is sex, nudity, incest, prostitution, complicated relationships and much more, all while a series of characters try to get power and sit on the throne that they believe they belong to.

Peaky blinders

Lots of violence and lots of sex, Peaky Blinders (one of the most stylish series on television) follows a 1919 family of gangsters in Birmingham, England, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who controlled everything that happened in the city.

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