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The Snyder Cut has a new hero that will surprise fans, who will it be?

A new interview confirms that the end of the Snyder Cut will introduce an unexpected character who changes everything.

The Snyder Cut exists and we will be able to see it soon, but as that happens, rumors, memes, theories and even surprises have not stopped arriving that have been confirmed by Zack Snyder himself and his team.

The biggest surprise of the trailer for the legendary Snyder Cut was the revelation of Jared Leto with a new version of the Joker that he played in Suicide Squad, which in addition to a new look took a dive into the current meme culture by including a line that the criminal clown never says in the comics, but in a famous meme that went viral a year ago (yes, we are talking about We live in a society…).

Joker’s appearance confirmed that Snyder had filmed new material for his version of the film, which is about 4 hours long, that will correct the Joss Whedon disaster, and now a new profile by Vanity Fair confirms that this is not the only one. surprise that the director has prepared for fans of Batman, Superman, and the DCEU.

Vanity Fair’s profile notes that “[Snyder] has put Superman in a sleek black suit instead of the iconic blue and red. He has added the Joker (Jared Leto) . He has re-recorded the ending with a hero cameo that will leave jaws dropped to hardcore fans. In what can be a divisive move, it also presents the film in 4: 3 square format rather than widescreen so that it can one day be viewed on IMAX screens. “

We already knew about the Joker and the Superman suit , but the theme of a new hero that will appear in the finale definitely has to be analyzed, especially since it is said that there is only one new scene in the entire film and that could point to which is a character that will come into play in some way in upcoming DC movies .

Who is this hero you are talking about? Does their presence mean that the ending will be different from what we saw in the Joss Whedon movie ? We won’t know the answer until we see the movie (and no one wants a spoiler of that size), but DC fans already have some ideas about the identity of the character.

The possible heroes that could be added to the Snyder Cut:

Green lantern

The Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds was not very successful, but it is known that DC does not want to abandon the character completely, so it is possible that he (perhaps with a new version) will appear at the end to give a hand to the members of the Justice League.

This character has a strong connection to the Justice League in the comics and this would be a good opportunity to bring him back to the DCEU to give his story a new lease of life, and his presence would be easy to justify.

Martian manhunter

According to Collider’s reports , Harry Lennix would appear as General Swanwick , the character from Man of Steel, in the Snyder Cut. Lennix allegedly revealed that his character is actually J’onn J’onzz , better known as Martian Manhunter , who in the comics is also one of the members of Justice League of America, he was even their leader when the original league disintegrated.

A character never seen before

Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern would be easy to explain and integrate into the story, but a detail of this size might not have been revealed if they didn’t know that no one could find the answer until they watched the movie, so there’s a chance that it is a completely different character.

The profile says that the cameo will surprise fans of the comics, so it is very likely that it is a character that has not been seen before in the DCEU, which would allow expanding its universe even more, and would give Zack Snyder the opportunity to develop another movie.

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