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The Snyderverse is hopeful with the cancellation of this project

A “bad news” given by Warner Bros. could be the key for Zack Snyder to take back the fate of the Justice League in his hands.

With the news that Warner Bros. Pictures would not support making more Justice League movies , it was fair to think that the Snyderverse would never materialize.

However, fans’ hopes of seeing Zack Snyder’s sequels materialize never waned, much less now that a new rumor could be an indication that the Snyderverse has not breathed its last.

Although Warner announced the cancellation of the New Gods films and the Aquaman spin-off known as The Trench, the announcement was a stroke of faith for those who welcome that Darkseid is only part of the Snyderverse.

At the same time that this news was confirmed, the Geekosity site assured that the cancellation was a decision by AT&T and not by Walter Hamada, whom many already consider as the great villain who attacks Superman and company. This is relevant because AT&T is the company that owns Warner Media, a subsidiary to which Warner Bros. Pictures belongs. In other words, the decision could be motivated by a strategy that seeks to give the Snyderverse a glimmer of hope.

Sites like Variety said that New Gods went to rest eternally due to plans to make this story a lengthy tale that saw Darkseid’s appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League his first major obstacle, so there was a desire for having a space between the latter and any new appearance. For its part, Geekosity pointed out that New Gods did not even have a finished script, and that if it was made it would not reach theaters until 2023, which makes the version difficult to believe.

For their part, DC and Warner Bros. thanked director Ava DuVernay and writer Tom King for being part of the project and left open the possibility that if it was resumed in the future, they would return to them without thinking.

While all these rumors should be taken with suspicion, it is worth mentioning that Snyder and his film took Warner Bros. by surprise to the point of putting them in the predicament of knowing if a project with such potential would be worth burying.

With unconditional support from Nolan

Since he made public his intentions for his version of Justice League to see the light, Zack Snyder had the support of other directors who undertake a crusade against Warner Bros. Pictures.

The director of Tenet has stated that although he is not interested in returning to the development of stories with superheroes as protagonists, he never closed the doors to collaborate with other projects of the same genre, specifically with those of his great friend Snyder.

Nolan, who was a producer and writer on Man of Steel , appears as an executive producer on the film to thank him for trusting him and his vision.

Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder’s wife, previously mentioned that Nolan encouraged her husband to show the world his version of this film, especially when he saw the version of Joss Whedon, which he recommended never see.

“I have not seen the theatrical version of the movie. When Chris [Nolan] and Debbie (his wife) saw it, they came back to tell me their impressions and they were very clear in telling me that I should never see that movie,” he stated. Snyder to feed Warner Bros. Pictures’ uneasiness and drive fans crazy. 

Now, after the good results of this new Justice League and the multiple interviews in which its director has made clear his desire to launch the Snyderverse, Nolan once again showed his full support for the project that minimally includes two more installments of the super combo of the most famous DC Comics heroes.

His production company, Syncopy Films, which he directs with his wife Emma Thomas, has been promoting the Snyder Cut on Twitter for quite some time and now the #RestoreTheSnyderverse campaign has officially been added with the following message:

 Does Nolan profess unconditional support for Snyder, or does he also seek to show his dislike of Warner Bros. Pictures ? 

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