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The Son of Sam: the new Netflix documentary about the most brutal serial killer

The new Netflix documentary explores theories about one of the most brutal serial killers in history.

Son of Sam was one of the most brutal serial killers in history, and he was even one of those who were interviewed by the FBI agents who inspired the Mindhunter series , who dedicated themselves to touring prisons to talk to the most brutal men to try to understand what is in the mind of the murderers and thus be able to create profiles to catch them.

Born David Berkowitz , the infamous Son of Sam has inspired dozens of thrillers and horror movies due to its brutality and violence, and will now have its own true crime documentary on Netflix.

The Son of: Sam: A Descent Into Darkness joins the list of disturbing documentaries such as The Ripper, Night Stalker, Tiger King and many others that show us the strangest, scariest, bloody and legendary cases, related to men who came to become monsters and caused panic and terror among the public.

When does the docuseries The Son of Sam premiere?

The docuseries will hit Netflix on May 5 this year, with several chapters showing the clues, evidence and even theories that emerged when the police were investigating the case of the New York killer.

What is the story about?

According to Netflix, the four-part crime documentary series will present the case through the perspective of journalist and “ Ultimate Evil ” author Maury Terry, who is convinced that Berkowitz must have had an accomplice, and how he spent decades trying. prove what was behind the murders more disturbing and complicated than it appeared, which ultimately led to him losing everything.

The series is directed by Joshua Zeman , who presents testimonies from people close to the case, unpublished images, and case files, in addition to Terry’s work, to explore the case in depth and try to test some of the theories that emerged when Berkowitz He confessed to being the murderer.

Are they of Sam really he acted alone? Was Berkowitz the only one to blame? Is it possible that the real killer is still free? That is exactly what Zeman seeks to answer with this kind of investigation that reveals the horrors committed by a mysterious criminal in the 70s, who even sent several letters to the police to provoke even more terrifying.

Who was Son of Sam?

Wicked Deeds psychologist Scott A. Bonn says David Berkowitz was one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. In the 1970s he murdered six people and wounded seven others with a Bulldog .44 revolver, in a crime wave that lasted for several years and left New York City in shock, causing a massive panic that even marked the moment. like Sam’s summer in 1977.

Berkowitz’s brutality sparked one of the largest manhunts in American history, and he was finally calmly detained at his apartment one hot day in August 1977 (and all for an unpaid traffic ticket). .

David quickly confessed to being the so-called Son of Sam and claimed that a 6,000-year-old man named Sam communicated with him through his neighbor’s dog, who ordered him to kill several people. He was initially thought to be insane, but the court found him fit for trial and he was eventually sentenced to 6 consecutive sentences of 25 years each.

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