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The trial, which became a media phenomenon last summer, will have its film adaptation directed by Sara Lohman.

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard runs into the cameras again, but this time it will do so within a fictional and cinematographic context. The controversial (and mediatic), judicial process in which the interpreters were involved in recent months, has served as inspiration to produce a film .

In addition to delving into the ins and outs of the judicial process, the film will also explore corners of the turbulent relationship between Depp and Heard. The project has been baptized as: ‘Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trail’.

Mark Hapka will be in charge of playing Johnny Depp, while Megan Davis will play Amber Heard. The legal team (one of the most viral components of the event) will be made up of: Melissa Marty , in the skin of Camille Vasquez (Depp’s defender), and Marry Carrig , as Elaine Bredehoft (Heard’s lawyer).

Guy Nicolucci is writing the script and Sara Lohman will direct the film .

Adam Lewinson, Head of Content at Tubi, the streaming platform behind the project, explained: “The story is now part of the cultural zeitgeist , creating a unique portrait of what millions of people have seen and read over the summer. “

Developed by FOX Entertainment studio , MarVista Entertainment will premiere ‘ Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trail ‘ on Tubi on September 30th.

The soap opera of the summer

The judicial process has been one of the most mediatic topics in recent years. At the beginning of June, the jury was in favor of Depp, in the judicial dispute over the alleged defamation of the actress towards the actor, in 2018, through a press article. In it, Depp was accused, despite not including her specific name in the text, of a crime of domestic violence.

The jury’s decision required Heard to pay the actor $10 million; while he should pay the amount of 2 million dollars to her, by counterclaim. [Currently, both have appealed those verdicts.]

It is not the first legal battle that Depp faces, for similar accusations, against other media outlets. However, something has changed in this case. While the actor lost his previous confrontations, he came out “successful”, with a rebuilt reputation, and with social networks packed with messages of support in his favor. After the trial he even declared to the jury that ” they gave me my life back “. On his side, Heard defined this verdict as a ” step back ” for women.

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