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The Whale: 5 Reasons to Watch Brendan Fraser’s Movie

Darren Aronofsky’s new film is dark, brutal, but also hopeful. 

During its premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, Darren Aronofsky‘s most recent work, The Whale, received a six-minute standing ovation, much of which was directed towards Brendan Fraser for which –in short– it is the best performance in his long career. Reason enough to see the play.

Fraser delivered unforgettable films over 15 years ago, and while he hasn’t stopped acting, he hasn’t had the spotlight as close, however, The Whale came as the perfect opportunity to return to the spotlight showcasing his chops. 

In addition to that, there are other reasons why you cannot miss this Oscar-nominated work. Here we present them.

Brendan Fraser at his highest point

Although the internet talks about a Brendan Fraser renaissance, in reality his work is on The Whale is an absolute revelation of his talent. Charlie, the character he inhabits has a presence throughout most of the film as the lynchpin, and the actor really allows us to observe every phase of his emotions and vulnerability.

When the movie begins, the character can die at any moment and knows it, taking him on a little odyssey before time runs out. Fraser ‘s eyes and movements are hypnotic and that bond is maintained until the end. It’s a must-see performance that earned her an Oscar nomination. 

One more from Aronofsky

For those familiar with Darren Aronofsky‘s work from Requiem For a Dream, to Black Swan, Mother, and The Wrestler, you will see a worthy continuation of his filmography and the themes that remain constant in his filmography. In fact, the work seems like a “cousin” of The Wrestler in different ways, so for any fan, this is a necessary review of the director’s vision.

It deals with the story of Samuel D. Hunter sensitively and the camera becomes a guide through it all, relentless and sometimes still, emulating the emotions in front of the screen, all being elevated by a score that can only be described as epic. .  

Hong Chau, a promise that keeps on giving

Although much of the discourse surrounding the play focuses on the work of Brendan Fraser, it is necessary to highlight his colleague Hong Chau, who also has a central role in the story as the protagonist’s caretaker and best friend. In a way, she is the only outside connection for him, while she is a facilitator for the habits that led to his tragedy. 

The actress recently appeared on The Menu giving another excellent performance, so it’s certainly important to keep track of her and see her work in this play.

artistic work

The makeup and costume work really needs a round of applause for the way they built Charlie. The character looks completely lifelike with impressive details on every part of his body. 

On the other hand, the production design is also exceptional, showing the world that Charlie inhabits, which is reduced to his home and the rooms to which he can have access. 

One of the best movies of the year 

A matter that is demonstrated in its dozens of award nominations and those that Fraser has received , such as the Critics’ Choice Award , in addition to the comments from the audience, and the reception at its premiere in Venice. 

While it may not be the best work of Aronofsky ‘s career , it is of Fraser and others involved. Just a warning: you will walk out of the movie theater crying. 

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