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The Wonder: Florence Pugh’s Mysterious Movie You Must See

Sebastian Lelio directs this film in which a nurse must determine if the case of a girl who does not eat is a miracle.

The Wonder is the new movie from Sebastian Lelio, the director of Disobedience and A Fantastic Woman, for Netflix, and it could lead Florence Pugh to another Oscar nomination.

The film is based on a novel written by Emma Donoghue, who is the writer of Room, which became the film for which Brie Larson took her Oscar, where she plays a kidnapped mother who dedicates herself to protecting her son and making him believe that the small room they are in is the only thing that exists.

The Wonder is another story where something mysterious happens, but this time it has a religious and supernatural touch, and some critics consider it to be the director’s best film, where Florence Pugh once again gives an impeccable and powerful performance.

the trailer:

The first trailer for the film takes us to a lonely and ancient place, where Pugh meets a group of men who indicate his new task, to observe a girl who has stopped eating, to give his opinion in 15 days on what What do you think is happening to her?

The scenery is incredible and mysterious and serves as a contrast to a story that is getting more and more complicated and has touches of religious fanaticism and superstition, where Pugh seems to be the only one who thinks logically.

When does The Wonder premiere:

The film will be available exclusively on the platform, starting on November 16 of this year.

What The Wonder is about:

Based on the novel by Donoghue, the story follows Lib Wright (Pugh, which is the only reason Don’t Worry Darling is worth watching), an English nurse who is called in to analyze a case that no one can understand and that goes beyond science and medical explanations.

Lib must travel to a remote place to meet an Irish girl who claims to have been without food for more than 4 months, surviving on manna from heaven (which is the food that, according to the bible, God sends to the Jews to survive while in the desert).

Everyone around her thinks it’s a miracle, but Liv is convinced that something strange is going on, as there’s no way anyone could survive that long without food. This becomes a fight between logic and faith, where some claim that the girl is a great actress, while others are convinced that it is a miraculous sign.

Not really knowing what’s going on, Liv must determine what’s going on with the girl and how she can help her, even if it goes against her own beliefs.

The cast:

Florence Pugh is the protagonist of this story, a nurse who faces an unexpected case, while she is accompanied by actors such as Niamh Algar (from Ridley Scott’s series Raised by Wolves), Ciarán Hinds (who recently appeared in the award-nominated film Oscar, Belfast), Tom Burke (of Mank and The Souvenir) and the legendary Toby Jones .

Elaine Cassidy, David Wilmont and Josie Walker also appear.

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