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This theory ensures that SpongeBob and Monica from Friends are the same character

All this time SpongeBob was a copy of Friends? Here we explain the origin of the rare theory.

SpongeBob and Friends couldn’t be more different, the first series is set around a pineapple under the sea, while the other follows 6 humans in their thirties who live, work and have adventures in New York City in the 90s but a series insists that with the same thing, or at least that they are more connected than it seems.

27 years after the premiere of the first season of Friends , the mute received a big surprise in the form of an HBO Max special that brings together Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Phoebe and Chandler for the first time since it all ended, and that. It has caused an explosion in the popularity of the series, which in turn has led to new details, theories and forgotten details being revealed.

We now know that Chandler Bing is a 90s style god, that Rachel and Ross were indeed on a break (which Jennifer Aniston seems to confirm in the reunion trailer) and, based on a Reddit theory, we may also realize that Bob Sponge is a copy of Friends and there are many points that both series have in common. Is Bob Monica? Is Central Perk The Krusty Kra? SpongeBob and Friends were released on different dates (the first in 1999 and Friends in 1994), but the tests are right there.

Are SpongeBob and Friends the same series?

The theory begins by saying that “ SpongeBob and Monica are both cooks. It is clear that, like Monica, SpongeBob has a kind of perfectionist obsession / obsessive compulsive disorder and in many episodes he is also overly concerned with cleanliness. Monica lives in the main apartment of the series (except for that brief period when they exchanged with Joey and Chandler ). SpongeBob’s house is also the center of the series and is often used as the starting point for the episodes. “

So far so good, and it may just be a coincidence, but then he explains that Squidward’s character , the irritable neighbor, is based on Chandler . “Nobody told Squidward that his life was going to be like this. He hates not only his daily activities but himself; Even though he seems to have hobbies that he enjoys, he is clearly unsuccessful in any of these hobbies and realizes that he is not talented. Squidward clearly suffers from insecurities and deals with SpongeBob and Patrick’s contempt in the same way that Chandler does: he uses humor to hide his problems. If you add that he used to like Mr. Krabs and that he confesses that he likes SpongeBob (Monica) … “, then the resemblance is clearer, isn’t it?

Ok, ok, Squidward and Chanlder are not that similar, but SpongeBob also has his Joye, ” Patrick and Joey. All Patrick cares about is food, even in those rare episodes within the series like The Pink Loser where he wants to achieve something and he realizes that he is not successful. Patrick is also so dumb that it is fun. Sound familiar? “, explains the author of the theory.

And Plankton and Mr. Krabs? Well, they with Ross and Rachel, “Mr. Krabs and Plankton are the owners of the restaurant where everyone eats, and like Rachel works in Central Perk they run the place without knowing much about the restaurant sector and much less about how. cooking (and crabs also can’t make patties). Plankton is a rare loser who is always being made fun of … both his job and his personality, just like Ross. Mr. Krabs and Plankton take a “break” after a long friendship… ”

And we can’t forget about the great Phoebe , who is supposed to be Sandy the squirrel . “This is exaggerated, I know, but Sandy plays the guitar, she lives in another part of the city that is not where SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward live. He is a character who has fun in serious situations such as when he feels homesick or someone is about to be fired. Sandy has a twin named Randy. She is also a karate teacher, a profession often associated with Eastern culture, such as massage. Finally, Sandy meets everyone else through SpongeBob (Monica) “.

It may not sound so convincing, but if you take the basic details and eliminate the rest of the stories, then without a doubt the two are similar, but surely we can find similarities with many other series if we look hard, so it is not something decisive either. .

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