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Tom Holland says Uncharted is like the baby Indiana Jones and James Bond would have

The Spider-Man actor has described the movie based on the video game in this way, which incidentally has led him to embody Nathan Drake, a character that has no relationship with him.

Tom Holland has shown that he is capable of giving new airs to all kinds of characters. He has already done it with Spider-Man and now he is about to vindicate the movies based on video games with his starring role as Nathan Drake in the adaptation of the popular PlayStation “Uncharted” . Little is known about that film, as it has been subjected to the great Hollywood shields, but it has been the actor himself who has given a great clue by saying that this new film is like a combination of two of the greatest action films and adventures in film history

“The easiest way to describe the film without disparaging it in any way is as if Indiana Jones and James Bond had a baby ,” Holland said in an interview. “This is how I continue to describe the film,” he added to the Vanity Fair podcast.

“Uncharted” follows the adventures of Nathan Drake , a treasure hunter who plunges into different adventures in the most unexpected places in his search for different relics. The premise of the game, media such as Illuminerdi highlight, is based on the Indiana Jones argument, but when its adaptation was announced, the interest of the fans of the game saga was aroused. Attention increased when it became known that the Spider-Man actor would be the lead.

It was Tom Holland himself who disseminated an image in which he is seen as a younger version of the treasure hunter, who in his film adventure will be accompanied by Mark Wahlberg, although the argument is only known to be an original story and not A mere adaptation of one of the video games, Holland has revealed that the tape has been one of the most demanding experiences. “It was much more challenging than I thought. It’s a very, very different kind of franchise from the kind of sagas movies I’m used to. “

One of the biggest challenges for the actor was precisely getting away from Spider-Man, a character that placed him on the radar and whose performance has been well received by critics given the freshness and comic touch that he has given. Holland has even acknowledged the similarities he shares with that young Peter Parker, but bringing Nathan Drake to life was particularly challenging as he confesses that he has little to do with that character.

“Playing Peter Parker feels like playing a version of myself, just a little younger. To bring Nathan Drake to life is to play someone who I am not and who is bigger than me, ”he said. “It was fun ( to interpret), I enjoyed it .” Added the actor has even been subjected to a fitness routine to embody the character. 

That the actor himself compares the “Uncharted” movie with Indiana Jones and James Bond is no wonder, since Tom Holland has hinted that there will be much, much action and scenes typical of those movie classics. “I did some action scenes that I am extremely proud of.”

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, “Uncharted” is scheduled to premiere on February 22, 2022. Its cast includes Antonio Bandera and Sophia Taylor Ali. It has transpired that the writers have created an original story for the adaptation rather than directly taking the plot of one of the several existing games in the series that has become one of the most popular on the PlayStation in recent years. 

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