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With Meadow Walker as a guest, Mia Toretto from ‘Fast & Furious’ has paid a most automotive tribute to Paul Walker.

Fast & Furious 10 will be the last film in the main saga. That, of course, if the cast does not break its word. Of course, all the spin-offs and other derivatives that come to mind will come. However, the film will mark an end to the main saga that has made history in the last two decades with its mix of action and racing, and that has won the loyalty of millions of fans like few others. As or just as loyal as their fans is the majority of their cast, converted into what they call themselves, “the family”. Without any mafia connotation (that we know), the family is marked by a tragedy. Although we’re heading into the 10th anniversary of the death of franchise co-star Paul Walker, the stars of Fast & Furiousthey do not hesitate every moment to keep remembering it. Of course, accustomed to three-day or four-day tributes to the stars, and the obligatory memory of each anniversary, Paul Walker continues to be remembered at every moment.

With his daughter Meadow Walker, almost adopted by her father’s companions, although she is already 24 years old, the last tribute has happened neither more nor less than at a wedding. Although nine years later his name might not even have come up, or perhaps it might have appeared in an allusion, speech or toast, Paul Walker was more than present at Jordana Brewster’s wedding. The one who was her wife in fiction, the interpreter who plays Mia Toretto, has been very aware of her wedding in the cinema to celebrate her wedding in reality.

We assume that her husband, Mason Morfit, will not be jealous because the bride focused her arrival at the ceremony on Paul Walker. She first chose the blue ’94 Honda Acura Integra GS-R car, the same one that appeared in the first movie in the saga. Also, on the windows, there was the image of Brewster and Waker in said film, together and driving. A nice tribute that made it seem like it was Walker himself accompanying Jordana Brewster to her wedding.

Of course, they were also at the wedding, in addition to Lucadris, Vin Diesel with his inseparable goddaughter Meadow.

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