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Umbrella Academy 3: everything we know about the new season

It’s official, Umbrella Academy will have a new season and its creators have just revealed important clues.

The second season of Umbrella Academy was left on a brutal cliffhanger. After traveling back in time, finding their dad, trying to stop the Kennedy assassination, and having to stop the apocalypse (again because of Vanya), the Hargreeves brothers found a way back to their time, only to discover that their little boy trip changed his life completely.

We do not know if they are in an alternate reality or if, as happened to Marty McFly in Back to The Future , his actions in the past caused his father to make opposite decisions so he would not have to deal with those troubled and damaged adults who came to visit him. back in the 60s, but it’s clear that things are going to get very crazy for them.

At the end of the second season, Vanya, Luther, Klaus, Five, and company return to Umbrella Academy headquarters, only to discover that none of it exists and that in its place is the Sparrow Academy, a new academy with new heroes that they don’t know and a new version of Ben who doesn’t know them.

What will happen now? Who are those mysterious heroes who watched them from the shadows? Is that Ben the same Ben? The finale left us with many questions, and it suggested that they will be resolved in a new season.

Supposedly, the plans for the new season have already started (unofficially) and showrunner of the series, Steve Blackman revealed some interesting details in an interview with The Wrap in which talked about the fate of the Hargreeves, Ben, and what It could happen in the third season of one of the most successful Netflix series.

What’s next for the Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy Season 3?

According to Blackman , they will have to mature a bit, but the good news is that their powers will continue to grow and they will know more of their potential. “They are all growing up. I like to think as we go along that their powers are evolving too. They are learning new things. They were trained until 14 or 15 by a very dysfunctional father, but then the family fell apart before they could finish their training. They might even discover in the future that their powers are stronger when they are together, “said the showrunner.

This also confirms that the Hargreeves are going to have to work together again, as they did at the end of season two (where they discovered that Vanya was even more powerful than they thought).

The Sparrow Academy:

Netflix has just revealed the new characters and actors that will be part of the Sparrow Academy, which are those new Hargreeves that the original members discover when they go back to their time. 

They are the new actors and their characters. 

Justin Cornwell (Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey) will play Marcus, Sparrow # 1: Marcus is the one who holds the family together, making him the leader of the Sparrows.

Justin H. Min (The Umbrella Academy) will play Ben, Sparrow # 2: This isn’t the Ben we already know, he’s Machiavellian, powerful, pragmatic, and hypervigilant.

Britne Oldford (Hunters) will play Fei, Sparrow # 3: Fei is the lonely one in the family, but also the smartest in the bunch and she wants answers.

Jake Epstein (Designated Survivor) will play Alphonso, Sparrow # 4: Alphonso has face and body with countless reminders of his battles and he’s willing to beat up anyone who crosses his path. 

Genesis Rodriguez (Big Hero 6) will play Sloane, Sparrow # 5: Sloane wants to go out and see the world and experience a life beyond the Sparro Academy, but her obligations and loyalty prevent her from escaping.

Cazzie David (author of No One Asked for This) will play Jayme, Sparrow # 6: Lonely Jayme and doesn’t say much, but she’s smart and more powerful than she looks.

The existential terror-inducing Psykronium cube (newcomer) will play Christoper, Sparrow # 7: Christopher is a telekinetic cube of unknown origin, he is a kind of oracle who is consulted by the Sparrows for advice and serves as a family mediator. 

The first clue:

Netflix shared on its Instagram account the first preview of the new season, it is about the title of what seems to be the first chapter of the third part of the Hargreeves saga and, although it does not say much, at least it reveals that it will be written by Steve Blackman and  Michelle Lovretta , from   Killjoys and  Lost Girl series .

On the other hand, the title of the chapter promises that they will introduce us to the family and, as we already know the original Hargreeves, this indicates that they will show us all the members of the Sparrow Academy and, with them, the truth about the new Ben we saw at the end of season two. 

What’s going to happen to Ben?

Blackman did not reveal if that new Ben is the same Ben, but he does say that he will be able to interact more with his brothers. “Wonderfully for Justin ( Justin H. Min , the actor who plays Ben), he’s real flesh and blood, so he can interact with other characters besides Klaus. The funny thing about that relationship is that Ben is the most insightful brother, the dearest brother, but he has the worst translator of all time in Klaus, who is a terrible storyteller. But this Ben is flesh and blood and he exists. So that’s going to be new ground for Justin to dig into next season, and I think he’s very excited. “

He doesn’t reveal too much about the season, but Blackman hints that the Hargreeves are finally going to put their powers to good use, they might even fight Reginald Hargreeves ‘ new sons , who are definitely looking a bit evil. Besides that there are more children like them that we have not seen yet.

“I think it’s fair to say that we will definitely meet more of them in the future. It is established within the program that there are others. There is Lila, and if there is Lila, then there is more, ”he said.

Filming has already started:

After revealing the new actors, actor Elliot Page , who plays Vanya, revealed the first image with which it is confirmed that the new season is already being filmed, so we could have more details later this year. 

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