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WandaVision: Billy and Tommy can get out of The Hex, are they alive?

Wanda and Vision’s children were born in The Hex, but we don’t know if they are real or exist only in Westview reality.

The theories of WandaVision are getting crazier and crazier and, with only three chapters to release, everything indicates that the madness will continue to increase uncontrollably.

Of course, what interests us the most is to discover if Wanda is really controlling everything that is happening, but there are other very important questions and whose answer could mean great things for the future of the MCU . ¿ Billy and Tommy are alive? Can they survive outside of The Hex ? Are they the product of a hoax to manipulate Wanda or a product of his own imagination?

As everyone will recall, Wanda became magically pregnant once she was inside The Hex and her babies were born almost overnight. From the first moment it was clear that Wanda cannot control them as she does with the rest of the inhabitants of Westview (that is why she could not use her powers to make them stop crying), in addition to the fact that children often question themselves, they made themselves grow up to 10 years in seconds and also already manifest the same powers as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch , which makes them especially powerful and dangerous.

The truth is that WandaVision is already very advanced, but we still do not know who Agnes really is , we cannot be sure that Pietro is really Wanda’s dead brother, we also do not know where Dottie went or if Mephisto is behind the creation of The Hex (which Wanda doesn’t remember creating), but we do know that Billy and Tommy have their origins in the comics (and there’s this theory that Ultron predicted they would destroy Wanda) and that opens up some possibilities.

Billy and Tommy are alive?

In the comics, Wanda uses a piece of Mephisto’s soul to bring her twins to life, but they eventually die, are reborn and become two heroes named Speed ​​and Wiccan (and in the series we already saw the children wearing their costumes. characters in the Halloween chapter), but it’s possible Marvel is going a different path and the kids are actually alive, meaning they could be used against Wanda, kidnapped by some villain, or even SWORD to keep her under control (which it would clearly be counterproductive for them, as Wanda would not be in control if her children are in danger).

But, if the children are not real and are just a product of the magic of The Hex or the illusion of some villain (which can be Mephisto or Nightmare ), then they will disappear as soon as The Hex is destroyed, and that means that Wanda would have to go through a new loss and more pain in her life, and we already know what happens when she feels this way.

There is definitely a possibility that Marvel is rewriting history (which is certainly a better option than just repeating the comics, no matter how good they are), hence the theory that WandaVision could be the key to bringing mutants to life. MCU, so anything can really happen with Billy and Tommy, but is there room for them in the future of the MCU ? Maybe not as 10-year-olds, but they can be made to age at will, so we could see them become teenagers or young adults, even becoming part of the Young Avengers , perhaps alongside Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye series .

There is still Doctor Strange to appear for the series, we know that Pietro might not be an X-Men mutant (because he bears the wounds of the MCU’s Pietro), Agatha Harkness has not appeared and we do not know the great villain of the story, so the situation with Billy and Tommy is just one of those that they are going to have to resolve before it is all over.

What is clear is that things are not going to end well for Wanda and even more suffering awaits her than she has already lived, and that will probably continue to be explored in the sequel to Doctor Strange that Elizabeth Olsen is already filming in London.

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