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WandaVision chapter 8: flashbacks, the post-credit scene and the big reveal

The penultimate chapter of the Marvel series with Elizabeth Olsen sets the stage for a surprising ending.

Was Agatha’s reveal the most important of WandaVision ? Of course not, and Chapter 8 proves it.

Salem 1693, the witch Agatha Harkness is dragged by two mysterious figures who are going to burn her at the stake, we are in the middle of a witch hunt and the “hunters” are actually the same witches who are about to punish Agatha for having stolen ancient secrets and break the rules of magic. It is there where the witch shows that she is more powerful than everyone thought and where she absorbs the power of her sisters, clearly becoming a dangerous villain, somewhat crazy and uncontrollable.

And that’s just one of the flashbacks that are part of chapter 8 of Wandavision , in which Agatha also makes fun of the Sokovian accent that comes and goes. What drives Agatha crazy? That she doesn’t have a single idea of ​​what Wanda really is, where her powers come from, or how she could control them herself.

What is Wanda really?

Agatha begins to realize from the beginning that Wanda is not what she thinks she is, she does not know the witch runes, protection spells or basic enchantments, but she has power and a lot, and Agatha, who entered The Hex voluntarily at the feeling Wanda’s power from afar, wants to get to the bottom of it.

Agatha has been manipulating Wanda, but it was not she who created The Hex and Wanda is sure that she did not either, so who really did it? The “gossipy neighbor” tries to find out by creating a flashback to learn more about him Wanda and Pietro’s past.

The whole series becomes even sadder when the flashback confirms where all the sitcom references come from (from the movies and series that Wanda and Pietro watched with their parents in Sokovia to practice their English), we can also see the war in the one who survived and the moment when her parents die, leaving the twins alone (watching a Stark Industries bomb that never exploded) and at the mercy of those who eventually experiment with them, although she volunteered.

Reliving her past, Wanda finds herself in a laboratory with Loki’s scepter, where the Mind Stone does something to them and ends up giving her the powers (or amplifying the ones she already had inside) that she demonstrates when we first see her in Age of Ultron.

Agatha discovers that Wanda has chaos magic and is capable of “spontaneous creation”, which leads her to say what we were all waiting for: “And that makes you the Scarlet Witch .”

How did Wanda create The Hex?

The chapter confirms that director Hayward and his team had been destroying and using Vision’s body, trying to see what makes it tick, leading us to a haunting scene of Paul Bettany cut up and divided into several tables.

“We are dismantling the most important sentient weapon ever made,” says Hayward , who is clearly curious to see if Wanda could bring Vision back to life, and is definitely not going to allow her to get her body back if she doesn’t do what they want. they ask.

“He’s all I have,” says Wanda. “Well that’s Wanda. She’s not yours,” Hayward replies .

Hayward pulled the wrong strings, so Wanda ends up driving (with an envelope in which she finds a message from Vision leading her to the home where they would spend their life together) to Westview, NJ, where she finally breaks down emotionally (and who doesn’t? would he after everything he lived?), a waterfall of red energy comes out of it and ends up creating that bubble of alternate reality.

Wanda’s energy is dependent on her emotions, and it is pain and suffering that gave her the power to create The Hex and her own version of Vision. She never stole the body, but created it again spontaneously, as Agatha says.

“I know what you are. You have no idea how dangerous you are,” Agatha says, noting that Wanda “is supposed to be a myth. This is chaos magic, Wanda,” she continues. “And that makes you … the Scarlet Witch.”

The post-credit scene

Back outside of the Hex, we see that Hayward and his men have some of Wanda’s energy and finally got a white version of Vision to work (is it the White Vision from the comics?), Which hints that we could have one. battle between Vision of The Hex and the white Vision.

Is Hayward the real villain? What is clear is that the director of SWORD is not who he claims to be and has plans that he has not shared with the rest of his agents.

Who is White Vision? 

This new version of Vision comes from the 1989 comic book arc Vision Quest . Vision ends up losing his color after being disarmed by a task force led by Cameron Brock . Vision is eventually rebuilt by Hank Pym , but the new version is not an exact replica. Hank didn’t want to change anything about the original Vision, but his experiment was not as perfect as he hoped. 

There was a little hint in Avengers: Infinity War that White Vision might show up. After Vision dies, his eyes turn white and the rest of his body turns gray.

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