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WandaVision: How many times are we going to have to see Vision die to know if he’s alive?

How many times are we going to have to watch Paul Bettany die in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? With this there are already three. How many times does Disney have to kill Vision to convince us that he is dead?

WandaVision has obviously been playing up our expectations since the series started, but it has thrown us a whiff in Episode 6 ( Terrifying Halloween Premiere!): Vision, who is supposed to be dead, is able to go out of WestView into the ‘real’ world through the complex magic of Wanda? … and still alive?

How is that? Wasn’t it supposed to be a creation out of Wanda’s imagination, a doll whose strings she pulled? When we saw the zombie version of Vision we thought it was reasonably clear that the sytozoid was alive within Westview, but dead outside of the magical energy hex created by Wanda. It was clear to us that the Zombie Vision was Wanda’s way of realizing that beyond her magic there was no possibility of continuing with the charade. We had made a pact in the series:

okay, Vision is a character in search of an author, Wanda had managed to breathe life into him, but his vitality is continually subject to the magic of the Scarlet Witch. We never thought Vision could get out of Westview alive, basically because we understood that he was dead. We had seen the leaked images, but we thought that he would be struck down as soon as he crossed the barrier. 

But lo and behold, Vision is able to consciously break through the barrier and speak to the SWORD troops as he breaks down and we witness what seems like his third death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) … although it is not very clear to us either. Is it a character that comes out of the novel, the movie or is there something else? We are surprised by the calm with which Tyler Hayward, head of SWORD, sees him go through the energy field and start talking, but especially the monitoring of Vision by the government agency. 

And, of course, we ask ourselves the question:Avengers: Infinity and in Avengers: Endgame? We suffered when he let his wife, the love of his (short) life, sacrifice him in pursuit of the Universe. Then our throats had a hard time when Thanos arrived and ripped the gem from his mind. And now this: watching him break down as he asks someone to help all the people within the hexagon. How many times are Marvel Studios and Disney going to have to kill Vision to convince us that Vision is dead … or alive?

What exactly have we discovered so far about the character? After his conversation with Wanda in episode 5 (interrupted, mind you what a coincidence, by the arrival of Pietro Maximoff in the body of Evan Peters) it was clear to us that not only does he suspect that something is happening with his idyllic life, but that each It is time for Wanda to control Vision asking questions. He does not know who he is, but he is clear that the person responsible for everything that is happening is Wanda, his wife, whether she is aware or not (or is she completely responsible or not). In episode 6 we find out that Vision wants to know more, that he needs to explore the setting they live in, we learn that he doesn’t know what an avenger is (you are an avenger, dummy) and also that he can survive outside of Westview even if it’s for a short time … or not? Do we see him die because he dies outside of magic or do we see him die outside of magic because Wanda draws him back to Westview? We still don’t have it clear. Yes, it seems to save his life by enlarging the hexagon, but can we be sure?

Is the stone of the mind what we see in your head?

It is clear that this has to be one of the key pieces about what is happening, allowing us to know exactly where and how he is alive, what are the limits of the fiction that Wanda has been able to create out of nowhere. When Vision crosses the limits of the hexagon we see clearly how the gem of infinity looks on his forehead. What comes out of Westview is the full version of Vision, not the corpse (zombie version) that Wanda sees in a lucid moment of her madness, and she wears what appears to be the stone of the mind. But of course this doesn’t make sense. It is assumed that the stone was returned by Captain America in 2012 or 2013 to Hydra so as not to alter the time-continuum (leaving it elsewhere could have changed things). However, the stone is no longer the same …

The stone has to play an important role in the return of the Vision, at least in the return of the Vision to Wanda’s life. Perhaps when Cap returns it after having been in contact with Vision’s mind and having been torn away, it is no longer the same. It is assumed that the essence of what the Vision is – of your feelings – does not reside there, but we do not have the certainty either. This, of course, assuming that the yellow pebble of Vision’s head is the infinity stone and not a piece of thin plastic, which you already know has a divine touch and whoever touches it, stays with it.

In the series trailers we have seen Wanda fiddling with the infinity gem. It can be perfectly a trolling like a house to mislead us. It may well be a flashback, as the mind gem is responsible, at least in part, until proven otherwise, for its powers, but isn’t it a coincidence that the mind gem can explain a few things about what’s happening in Westview? Imagine just for a moment that SWORD was interested in Wanda getting the infinity gem so he could resurrect Vision … I don’t know. This series is pure madness.

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