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WandaVision: The Key Characters Guide, Explained

It’s time to do a recount of the most important characters that have appeared in WandaVision and their role in the MCU.

WandaVision is already one of the most watched series of the season, it is the first test of what Marvel has planned outside the cinema and from the first minute it was more than clear that things were not exactly what they appeared and that there were characters hidden by everywhere.

The story obviously would not exist without Wanda and Vision, who appear together again after the tragedy of Infinity War (which ended up causing the disappearance of half the universe, including Monica Rambeau and several members of the Avengers ), but they could not being alone in Westview , so Marvel took the moment to bring back a few characters from the movies and to introduce new family members whose stories could continue outside of the series.

Agnes, who has already been revealed as Agatha Harkness, Dottie (who may or may not be Mephisto), Hayward, Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy, plus Billy and Tommy, are there for good reason, and with two chapters left, there’s still one left. big reveal that could change the game again.

We do not know if WandaVision will have a second season (nothing is set in stone, but there is a lot of story to tell), but it is clear that the story of many characters is just beginning and that we could see them again in some form. So you have to have them all identified, as well as their secret identities.

Who are the key characters in WandaVision?

Wanda Maximoff -Elizabeth Olsen

Born in Sokovia, Wanda Maximoff, played by actress Elizabeth Olsen (who has some movies as crazy as the series) was part of an experiment that aimed to turn her and her brother into weapons, but in Age of Ultron she realizes that They had been manipulating her and she decides to join the Avengers camp , a decision that leads her to meet Vision and lose him in the events of Infinity War.

WandaVision made it clear to us that Wanda is not Scarlet Witch yet , but also that her powers are much greater and more complicated, and that she ended up stealing Vision’s body to try to recover it, within that alternate reality that became Westview and that has everyone a trapped community.

We know that Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange: in The Multiverse of Madness, but we do not know what her role will be or how they will manage to get her out of Westview.

Vision – Paul Bettany

JARVIS , Tony Stark’s virtual assistant , eventually becomes Vision , a cyborg who wore an infinity gem on his forehead and allowed him to have a life of his own. The bad luck for Vision was that Thanos was after the Mind Stone, and although Wanda tries to protect him, the titan eventually manages to get it and causes his death.

WandaVision started with the couple in a 1950s comedy and neither of them remembered what had happened, but we were eventually shown that Wanda stole Vision’s corpse from a SWORD lab and brought it to Westview , where they began their new life. that little by little began to crumble.

Vision found out what happened and made the decision to try and help Wanda, finding a way to convince her to stop The Hex (if alternate reality) before causing more damage, but is it Wanda who controls everything?

Agnes / Agatha Harkness – Kathryn Hahn

Upon arrival at Westview, Wanda and Vision met a friendly neighbor who always showed up at the wrong times. Agnes seemed to be one of the victims trapped in The Hex, but she always had something weird and fans began to suspect that it could be another character in costume.

Agnes revealed the truth in Chapter 7. After agreeing to take Tommy and Billy away so Wanda could relax, Agnes confesses that she is actually Agatha Harkness and that it is she who was behind everything from the beginning, but what is it all?

We know that Agatha is the reason for many of Wanda’s troubles, but was she the one who created The He x? Are you working with another villain? and What did he do with Billy and Tommy?

Monica Rambeau / Spectrum? – Teyonah Parris

Monica Rambeau is a SWORD agent who disappeared after Thanos’ Blip. Upon her return, SWORD contacts her to meet with Jimmy Woo and begin investigating what is happening in Westview and a number of missing people.

Agent Rambeau manages to enter The Hex and becomes one of Wanda’s neighbors, but over time she begins to remember, mentions Ultron and ends up being expelled from the town. Along with Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, Rambeau begins to search for the truth and a way to stop Wanda, but eventually discovers that getting in and out of Westview is changing her.

Knowing that crossing again could have unpredictable consequences, Monica decides to go back inside to reveal an important detail about Hayward and Vision to Wanda. Entering is not easy and Wanda does not want to know anything about her, so she tries to expel her again, but this time Rambeau reacts and seems to use powers similar to those of the Spectrum character .

In the comics, Monica Rambeau receives a discharge of extra-dimensional energy when the experiment goes wrong, with that she becomes Captain Marvel and eventually changes her name to Spectrum, a heroine who can manipulate different types of energy.

Jimmy Woo – Randall Park and Darcy Lewis – Kat Dennings

Ant-Man’s Jimmy Woo (and that’s where the theory comes from that Bill Foster might be involved with The Hex) , and Thor’s Darcy Lewis are called upon to work on SWORD’s mission to stop Wanda’s Hex . It is they who find a way to see and communicate with the people inside, and soon they begin to suspect that their boss’s plans could be a danger.

The agent and the now-doctor become allies of Monica Rambeau , help identify the missing and trapped people in Westview , and eventually rebel against Hayward to carry out a better plan, one that doesn’t involve killing Wanda.

When Wanda grows The Hex, Monica and Jimmy manage to escape and enlist the help of a special team to get in again, but Darcy gets trapped inside, which turns out to be good when Vision finds her, wakes her up, and the two start working. together to try to fix the problem.

Tyler Hayward – Josh Stamberg

Hayward is the head of SWORD , but his last name is strangely similar to that of one of the leaders of HYDRA (the bad guys in the story) and little by little he has revealed that he has no intention of helping Wanda.

Monica also discovers that her main plan could be to retrieve Vision’s body , whom she had been trying to revive into a weapon before Wanda stole it from the lab.

Billy – Julian Hillard and Tommy – Jett Klyne

The children of Wanda and Vision born and met 10 years overnight, and now have the same powers of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver . In the comics, children were created with a fragment of the demon Mephisto’s soul and eventually die, are born again, and become Wiccan and Speed , who appear in the Young Avengers.

Billy and Tommy disappeared in Chapter 7, but we may see them again. Some theories say that Agatha ate them, that she took them to Mephisto, or that she could have transformed them into animals to prevent them from ruining her plans.

In the same way, there is a doubt about what could happen if Billy and Tommy get to leave The Hex . Are they really alive? 

Dottie / Mephisto? – Emma Caulfield

The “boss” of the Westview neighbors . We know that this was a character that Kevin Feige chose personally and that she is probably not a simple neighbor (which is why Jimmy Woo did not identify her along with the other Westview characters ), but her true identity has not been confirmed.

Most theories say that it is Mephisto , a demon who could be manipulating Wanda to feed on her powers until she gains enough strength to control humanity and destroy everything in her path.

The fake Pietro Evan Peters 

Evan Peters was one of the great surprises of WandaVision . At first it was thought that her appearance could hide the key to integrating more mutants into the MCU (because her version appears in the X-Men movies ), and it was already revealed that her appearance in the series was actually the work of Agatha Harkness , who brought (or so it seems) this version of Wanda’s brother to have more control over her.

This version of Pietro even knows that he is not the same one that Wanda knew, and it is not clear if he will disappear now that she knows the truth, although we also do not know if he heard everything Agatha said in her song.

White vision

This new version of Vision, which appeared in the post-credits scene of Chapter 8, comes from the 1989 comic book arc, Vision Quest . Vision ends up losing his color after being disarmed by a task force led by Cameron Brock . Vision is eventually rebuilt by Hank Pym , but the new version is not an exact replica. Hank didn’t want to change anything about the original Vision, but his experiment was not as perfect as he hoped.

There was a little hint in Avengers: Infinity War that White Vision might show up. After Vision dies, his eyes turn white and the rest of his body turns gray.

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