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WandaVision: Ultron’s prophecy about Billy and Tommy and the destruction of Wanda

Ultron spoke clearly in Avengers: Age of Ultron and now it seems that everything was a reference to what would be Wanda’s weakness.

Maybe you think you already know everything about WandaVision, but if something becomes clear to us after watching each chapter, it is that nothing is what it seems and that things can take a very different path from one moment to another, and although some things are connected With the character’s past of Wanda Maximoff and others in the MCU, the biggest reveals are yet to come.

WandaVision has released 6 of 9 chapters and there are more theories than we can count, one says that Agnes could actually be Agatha Harkness , Wanda’s mentor in the comics, another proposes that the Pietro that appeared in chapter 5 could be a villain in disguise, then there ‘s the one who says that Mephisto has been pulling the strings without anyone noticing, and finally (or rather the newcomer) talks about an Ultron prophecy connecting Billy and Tommy, who grew up from 0 to 10 years in a matter of hours, with the destruction of Scarlet Witch (which according to the series is not Scarlet Witchstill and now we’re remembering that she was never called that in the Avengers movies ).

Billy and Tommy are not only 10 years old, they have now begun to manifest the same powers that their mother and uncle have (Billy has Wanda’s and Tommy’s Pietro’s) and they don’t seem to be subject to the same control that Wanda seems to have over. the rest of the Westview residents (Wanda actually asks Billy for help finding Vision when he leaves The Hex ) and there is still much we don’t know about them and their origin, although there is a theory that says they could be a problem for your mother.

Avengers: Age of Ultron seems to have shown a prediction that the children of WandaVision could be Wanda’s undoing.

In the movie you can see a scene where Wanda and Pietro visit an abandoned building in Sokovia, which is where they find Ultron , who asks why Wanda let Tony Stark keep Loki’s scepter, and she says she knew that Tony’s fear would be his destruction. Ultron thinks the same way and tells him that “everyone believes what they fear”, those who seek peace create weapons, villains create heroes and children are the ruin of their parents. “Children are designed to impersonate them, to help them finish,” says Ultron.

It is strange that a robot created to protect the Earth makes that reflection, but now that we see Billy and Tommy develop the same powers that Wanda and Pietro have, and that they are the only children that seem to exist in Westview ( at least until chapter 6 , where it is even mentioned that it is rare that now more children can be seen), the role of the twins seems to get more complicated.

Wanda was questioned from Chapter 1 if you plan to have children (he does Mrs. Hart, wife of the head of Vision ) and in the second chapter heroes must participate in a talent show “for children” at that point no existed in the village, which suggests that someone might have been preparing the ground for the twins’ arrival, even before Wanda knew of their existence.

Pietro proposes that Wanda put all the children to sleep so as not to traumatize them as well as the adults (who are definitely aware of what is happening to them and cannot help it), she does not confirm it and it seems that she is not sure of what what is happening. It is possible that her own fear has prevented Wanda from bringing children to Westview and that it itself (through her own children and what they are living) is what finally makes her wake up and end The Hex.

Billy and Tommy do not react in the same way to Wanda’s powers, they question her and talk about the possibility of correcting death without knowing anything about what happened with Vision before, and now that Billy has powers, it is possible that he will see what lies outside of The Hex that becomes the key to awakening Wanda and destroying her reality, and could eventually become more powerful than her, taking her place and fulfilling Ultron’s prophecy.

But what if Billy and Tommy, born inside The Hex, were to get out of Westview? Would they destroy themselves like Vision or could they exist outside of that world they were born into? If they are going to be the destruction (replacement) of Wanda, they would have to be able to get out of there, and that is something they have not tried yet and it is not known if it is possible.

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